ABC Brag Book for My Son

I remember very well when I made this brag book, 12 February 2008.  My son was sick that day ... actually 1 whole week and naturally I had to stay at home.  I had to cancel my session in teaching scrapbook, no meeting of friends, no shopping BUT I did find time to create this project instead when he is asleep or doesn't crave for mamma.

My intention was to document his ways when he was a baby so that some years from now when he asks me what's he like when he was a baby, then I can just let him read it and viola! I had a hard time focusing in doing this project coz I had to hold him most of the time, monitor his condition, and just simply be beside him. Oh well, while he was sleeping or watching TV, my scrap bag is ready all the time.

Once again, i only used left over scraps of papers, ribbons, and embellishments.  And at that time I only have few tools and materials so made use of what I have =)

Thanks for viewing =)


franzesjoi said...

eto na naman ang nag-inspire sakin! soo beautiful and so creative... baby joseph was soo lucky to have a mom like you ate! bihira lang ang mg-document ng ganito.. :)

JEROSHA said...

Thanks! I bet you've seen this project before at my Multiply site. I just have to transfer all my craft files from that site since they're closing down by Dec.1, 2012. I hope you can find time doing a brag book someday =)

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