I Love You Both!!!

What keeps you going in life?

The other day while I was alone at home, I felt the emptiness of our home.  My husband is at work ... my son is at school.  I tried to keep myself busy in my craft room but I kept on checking the window and the door if the two men in my life has arrived but of course it was too early :(  I went to my son's room and sat on his bed turned on his TV then hugged his pillow.  After 30 minutes, I went down the basement at the music room and strummed all the guitars of my hubby, played with his drum and sat on his chair.  That didn't satisfy me so I took on his morning robe and wore it for hours.  I called our office but our staff says he is busy with a patient :(

I love them both so much that I prayed that moment to give me longer years in life so I can be with them.  I prayed that hubby and I will live a healthy life for so long that we will witness and be part of my son's victory and sorrow, happiness and pain.  I prayed that no accidents and no harm will befall us as long as we live.  Yeah, I still pray for those things whether I'm in a bus or having lunch or even shopping.

I embrace small things that I see and feel ....  I capture the moments of our everyday life.  Darn!  Time goes so fast and if only there is a magical wand that I can freeze the time.  My son grows so fast that he is now more into tablet playing minecraft .... busy playing with his skylanders ... and sometimes just hanging out with a neighbor or a classmate.

I'm scared that the day will come my son does not need me anymore.
I' worried that one day he has to live on his own ... study abroad ... fall in love ... get married.
Hahahahahahahahahaha natural feelings for a mom indeed.

For now, I will shower both of them with love, patience, care, understanding, and time.  May God allow me to finish all the albums so that when I'm gone, my only child will get to read and see how I truly love him and his dad with all my heart ... with all my might.

They are the reason why I'm still alive.
They are the reason why I do my best to survive 4 seasons a year.

Thanks for viewing =)


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