Unleash Summer .... again please

Do you feel the autumn wind now?  Bbbbbrrrrr it's starting to be cold when it rains :(  Yesterday was a crazy weather day .... we have to put-on then take-off jackets several times .... it's windy then sun is shining so bright then with a blink of an eye here comes the rain then the sun then the wind then the rain, haist! 

I don't like cold weather and that's a fact.  I prefer the last part of Spring and of course the beginning of Summer weather - the temperature is just perfect for me.  As I look at my art journal, I saw one page that is a favorite of my friend.  I did the page at the end of winter when one can feel Spring in the air  =)  I was just too anxious for summer because we were going to Spain for 1 whole month.


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