Brother ScanNCut Has Arrived (Unboxing)

Finally, finally, finally my Brother ScanNCut has arrived yesterday morning after 10 days of waiting game.  Are you interested to buy one?  The model I bought is CM600 and I bought it at Create and Craft TV which is based in UK.  There is CM800 in Denmark but sending it here costs a lot as compared to Create and Craft TV for only 9.90pounds.

Can you believe I haven't tried it?  In fact, when it arrived I just unboxed it and opted to do gardening instead.  Hubby found bunches of spring flowers at the front yard and since it's my free day I removed all the unwanted grass and dead leaves so new flowers may sprout freely.  After 2 hours of gardening I had to stop coz my body ached pretty bad especially my back.  The backyard needs TLS, too, but will do that when the weather get better.

Anyway, maybe you are wondering what you're gonna get if in case you buy the machine ... so let's unbox it!

First, the box came with slight damages and my first reaction was "OMG!!!!!  I hope the machine is fine and undamaged."

I'm so surprised that the item is so light to the point that I wondered if there is a machines inside.  Upon opening the box I felt relieved because no damages insid.

Get the main box out of the postal box and you will see the Brother SanNCut Project and Idea Book.  Lots of great idea and it's tutorial in the said book plus the complete checklist of what's included inside the box so don't forget to check it twice.

Once you really open the main box inside you will see immediately 2 sheets of cutting mat.  One mat is low tack adhesive mat and the other is the standard mat both in 12 x 12 inches.  Note:  One of the mats (standard mat) if you flip it over you will see your Iron-on fabric applique contact sheet.  I still need to explore this further coz I have no idea about appliques =)  Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the said sheet.  It's smaller than the cutting mats.

After the mats just on top is the high tack adhesive fabric support sheet which once again I have to explore this further by playing with the machine itself. 

The fabric support sheet is on top of an a4 box so let's open that small box first:  You will find
these items:

It contains a white pouch and inside that pouch are your spatula, touch pen, deep cut blade/holder, and the standard cut blade/holder.

 Aside from that you will find the Operating Manual in CD form, Quick Reference Guide, ScanNCut Canvas info, List with details of the accessory,  the product safety guide written in different languages, a warranty card.   OOOpppsss there it is - the fabric applique sheet beside the CD Operating Manual!

You will also get the Basic Quilting Guide and I find it very useful especially for those who haven't tried quilting or sewing =)   And of course the booklet of all the images built-in the machine.  Patterns/images varies depending on the model you will buy or bought.

Note:  The above booklets I will show details on my next post so hang on =)

Now, let's check the baby!!!!  there she is nicely and safely packed =)

She's a real beauty.  I haven't removed the seal so naturally i haven't tried the machine yet.  Hopefully this week-end =)

Happy week-end everyone!

Eeekkkk I almost forgot - yes AC Adapter and a power cord are included, too =)


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