(Week 10) - Journal 52 : Why Do I Make Art?

That's one question I never get at all!  But for the sake of argument ... or should I say explanation and justification for all the tools and materials I have I will gladly answer the question for this week's prompt.  But first let me orient you on the week's prmot which was given to us by no other than Chelle Stein of Journal 52 =)

Week 10 Prompt: Create for a Cause

"So often we make art, and ask ourselves? Why? What’s the point of this?
Well, art can be used for a number of wonderful things – for health and healing, for personal development, to bring people together, for raising awareness for a number of causes.
For this week’s prompt, create art that has a cause…why do you make art? Or, think about a cause you are passionate about that you could create a page about in your journal."

Now that's deep, isn't it?  I have no cause why I make art.  I do it for myself but maybe someday I will be involved in making art for a cause.  Well, every year I make cards or art works for Cancer month.  Normally a fellow crafter from around the globe will request us to make bunch of cards and send it to her in which she will be giving it to a hospital or an organization.

Anyway, I really, really, really reviewed deeply why I spend money and time/effort in creating crafts.  Most of the time I make for clients ... other times I make it for friends without any reason .... in some cases which is often I create items as gifts ... BUT I really do make art for the love of it and the fun that goes with it.

As I reviewed deeply I was able to summarized my justification et al explanation in 5 pointers:
  • God's Gift - I'm honing and using one of the gifts that God has given me.  I share it by creating and giving and teaching.
  • Balance -  I need to find balance in my everyday life in this crazy world.
  • Sanity - oh yes!  I'm a multi-tasking mom and it will drive me crazy to just do things under the title of a mom, wife, and homekeeper.
  • Enjoyment - I need to do things that makes me happy otherwise hubby and my son will suffer hahahahahahahahhahahaha if you know what I mean.  Plus doing art brings out the child-in-me, don't you?
  • Expression - I do almost all kinds of craft but in art journaling I really get to express what I feel.  There are many ways to express art but I enjoy most expressing my feelings through colors.  Most of all Art is an outlet fro me to express myself as an individual.
Here's my entry for the said week:

The Process:

1.  I sprayed the canvas with colors then used a corrugated board with white paint for some effect on the whole layout.
2.  I used a 3D paint on the stencil for the silhouette effect.  I love how this turned out coz it feels rubbery.
3.  I highlighted the silhouette with stickles thus creating a shadowy effect.
4.  Got some color chips from a paint store and opted to use ROYGBI (yes without the V)
5.  Grabbed my alphabet stamps and decided to emboss it, too.

6.  I had to use a black UNI pen to write the words so it will be readable then wrote my justification.

7.  I adhered each color chip using magic tape.  One just have to flip it to read what I wrote.
8.  Used Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen (white) and Neon Pen by promarker to write my title question.
9.  Added an angel wing on the silhouette
10.  Last touch is adding question mark paper clips.

Have a great week!

Thanks for viewing =)


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