Colorful Christmas Owls (Upcycle)

Finally I found my camera charger and it will take an hour to be fully charged then I can show you on of Becky Higgins Core kit.  While waiting let me show you one of the Christmas ornaments I did for Christmas 2012.  I love owls and that's a secret no more.  I collect owls that I find really really really cute and my collection is slowly growing.  Normally I buy one whenever we go to other countries coz it's more expensive here in Sweden.  Being a fan of owls, I made few pieces for our Christmas tree.  Isay only few coz I made use of well-pap soft boards when I get a package.  Sometimes, inside the package the items are wrapped with well-papp and I save those.

It's very easy to make coz you cut the width to your liking then roll and secure.  Afterwards you just decorate it.  I mainly used what I have in my stash like the eyelash yarn, 3D eyes, did cut randomly beaks using leftover yellow cardstock and halfmoon in black cardstock that serves as eyebrows then added stickles.  I made use of the different feathers I have and I found some plastic hats, too =)  So easy indeed!

 A close-up look:

Aren't they cute? 

 As for the back, I punched round scallops to cover the messiness of the feathers and punched and adhered 2 small circles before securing the ribbon to hang.  yes, I did use well-papp to make it stable.

A sample of one of the owls hanged in our Christmas tree.

Thanks for viewing =)

Have a great week-end and happy crafting!


My Project Life PLANNER

Sad to say I will not be able to show you the details of Cobalt Edition Core Kit this day since I just can't remember where the camera charger is.  As soon as I find it I will charge my camera then upload pictures.  If you are interested in having a closer look of Childhood Mini Kit Bridgeport Edition, just hop in here.  And for the other Childhood Mini Kit : Wellington Edition hop in here.

Are you taking seriously your Project Life?  I do!  Two days ago I just decided that I truly need a planner for Project Life.  Thank God for kind souls who were providing freebies because of them I was able to print and assemble a simple Project Life Planner that works best for me.

That's my desk that day while printing and assembling the planner and at the same time cooking dinner =)

Here's the inside of my Project Life Planner and links to the site where I got it for free!

This is the very first page of my planner and I got it from this great site blog.worldlable.com,  offering so many cuties plus most of their planners are fillable!  Click here =)  Yeah, I added monthly full page tabs/divider and I just found it in my stash.  I remember I bought it at LundQ bookstore, school and office section.

 For the monthly calendar spread I got it at ellinee.com and just click here =)

After each monthly calendar spread is a page sort of  a daily review in a week's glance.  I write what happened in bullet forms.  You may grab this page here =)

For the Project Life Planner spread, the erraticprojectjunkie created a compact planner page and believe it will work great for me.  You may grab it here =)

The Layout Spread Planner I printed back-to-back just in case I need an extra which I'm sure I will be using.   Knowing me who at times is fickle-minded.

For now I'm using a plain black binder and Smash accessory to hold pens.  I have plans of altering the front cover of the binder but that will happen over the week-end instead.

I'm actually impressed of myself coz I write details of what happened everyday now.  In a way this Project Life Planner I assembled serves as a diary, too.

Do you have a planner for Project Life?  Do you also use one?

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