A Platter of Virtues (Wooden Block Key Holders)

These wooden block key holders were initially made (drilling part) last June 2010. I found wooden blocks during one of the garage sales where Joseph goes to school. When I saw it I just had the inkling to buy it. There were 75 pieces and for 5 kronor which is less than a dollar for the whole pack I bought it immediately. I had no idea at that time on what to do with the blocks ..... in fact I have lots of wood blocks from my mounted rubber stamps just hidden in the basement.

Staring at the blocks when i got home, I thought of making a bunch of special key holders. It may not be appealing for others but for me each piece is something special that a buyer can have for a cheap price. Alas, the other day, after several months of waiting I was able to finish few key holders. 

PROCEDURE after drilling:
The front side is decorated with left-over cardstocks then applied 3 layers of Dimensional Magic. Some were sprinkled with glitters others were applied with stickles before I sealed each with Dimensional magic. When blocks were totally dry I painted with acrylic paints ... some I used metallic paints, too. But before painting I tried " wood branding" for the very first time. It was difficult during my first block but eventually i got used to it. I never dreamed of trying "wood branding" but since my DMIL gave such a complete tool to me last year I'd better make use of it, right?

What makes this keychain special? The virtues at the back of each block!

What is Virtues?
As stated at Wikipedia, Virtue is a pattern of thought and behavior based on high moral standards. Virtues can be placed into a broader context of values. Each individual has a core of underlying values that contribute to his or her system of beliefs, ideas and/or opinions (see value in semiotics). Integrity in the application of a value ensures its continuity and this continuity separates a value from beliefs, opinion and ideas. In this context, a value (e.g., Truth or Equality or Creed) is the core from which we operate or react. Societies have values that are shared among many of the participants in that culture. An individual's values typically are largely, but not entirely, in agreement with his or her culture's values.

Examples of virtues include:

* ability
* acceptance
* altruism
* assertiveness
* attention, focus
* autonomy
* awareness
* balance
* benevolence
* candor
* caring
* caution
* charity
* chastity
* citizenship
* cleanliness
* commitment
* compassion
* confidence
* conscientiousness
* consideration
* contentment
* cooperativeness
* courage
* courteousness
* creativity
* curiosity
* dependability
* detachment
* determination
* diligence
* discernment
* ethical egoism
* empathy
* encouragement
* endurance
* enthusiasm
* equanimity
* fairness
* faithfulness, fidelity
* flexibility
* foresight
* forgiveness
* fortitude
* friendliness
* generosity
* gentleness
* goodness
* gratitude, appreciation
* helpfulness
* honesty
* honor
* hopefulness
* hospitality
* humility
* humor
* impartiality
* independence
* individualism
* industriousness
* integrity
* intuition
* inventiveness
* justice
* kindness
* knowledge
* logic
* lovingness
* loyalty
* meekness
* mercy
* moderation
* modesty
* morality
* nonviolence
* nurturing
* obedience
* openness
* optimism
* order
* patience
* peacefulness
* perseverance
* philomathy
* piety
* potential
* poverty
* prudence
* purity
* purposefulness
* reason
* readiness
* remembrance
* resilience
* respectfulness
* responsibility
* restraint, self control
* reverence
* salubrity
* self-awareness
* self-confidence
* self-discipline
* self-reliance
* self-respect
* sensitivity
* service
* sharing
* sincerity
* spirituality
* strength
* sympathy
* tactfulness
* temperance
* tenacity
* thankfulness
* thoughtfulness
* trustworthiness
* truthfulness
* understanding
* unity
* unselfishness
* vigilance
* wisdom
* wit

Thanks for viewing =)

 These are some of the wooden blocks I found at a garage sale.

The drilling part.

To show you some back parts of blocks with inscriptions of virtues.


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