Heirloom Bauble Ornaments

One of the things I would like to share with you all before this year ends is a project I made for Joseph. When I told him that it's his forever and in which he can pass on to his children someday, he was totally wide-eyed and proud.

I'm sure many of you if not everyone have seen such project called bauble ornaments. There are many ways to play with this kind of ornament like:

1. adding liquid glue inside and add lots of glitters like this http://randomcreativity.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/glittered-christmas-bauble-ornament-tutorial/

2. some filled each bauble with left-over yarns like this one http://www.craftycrafty.tv/2008/12/christmas_craft_yarnfilled_orn.html

3. some painstakingly crocheted to cover each bauble like this one http://www.urbanfaunastudio.com/index.php?mact=Calendar,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01event_id=360&cntnt01display=event&cntnt01lang=en_GB&cntnt01detailpage=&cntnt01return_id=53&cntnt01returnid=53

4. some used stickers and stickles then accentuated with papers like this one http://murdocks.typepad.com/polishedtoperfection/2007/11/more-outlines-o.html

5. some also stamped images on transparencies then colored like this one http://embellished-dreams.blogspot.com/2007/11/christmas-ornaments.html

Well there are actually many ways to fill your baubles which by the way comes in different shapes. I have seen some they filled each bauble with left-over cardstocks by rolling each. One can also just fill it with small cuties.

Now, in my case, I started stamping an image just for the sake of trying. I don't have the exact materials as stated at Splitcoast Stampers site tutorial http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/glass_ornament/.

For a day I tried finding substitutes and so I gathered the materials that I have then when one bauble was finished filled with a stamp image, it dawned on me that I can actually make ornaments that my son can have forever.

Just go over each pix for a simple tutorial using whatever substitute I can find just to complete this project =)

I actually sold 2 sets of this and had to turn down few coz i have other things to do. I promise myself that I will sell more personalized sets like this for next Christmas =)

When hubby and I are both gone and Joseph has his own family, he may tell his children who they're ancestors are.

I printed pictures of both clan on a transparency for colored printing. At Splitcoast Stampers tutorial it says it has to be heat tolerant. I don't have that so I just used what I have and thank God it did work very well.

 Cut each picture on a size that will fit in your bauble.
Again at Splitcoast Stampers tutorial they used white embossing powders but since I have no stock of that so I opted to use the snow pen I used for the  mini mailboxes I made. 

I used my heating tool so the snow pen will puff like snow =)

 I filled each bauble with snow after pouring a teaspoon of beads.
Don't over do the snow. I made a mistake during my first 3 baubles so I ended up removing some. Why? Because once the picture is inside the snow will cover the pictures.

Punched the picture on the top most part and tie a silver thread.
Roll the picture and insert it but make sure you are holding the silver thread.

The picture will automatically spread once inside. You may use a tweezer just in case the thread falls inside hehehehehehehehehe. It happened to me heheheheehehehehehhe.

Secure the end of the silver thread with a glue dot as seen on the picture.

Secure the bauble with the lock.
Cut the excess silver thread you secured with a glue dot.
Each lock of a bauble has already a silver thread and that's for hanging the ornament.


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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [31 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria


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