I Will Be On Television, SVT 2

Yup that's right!  You guys have no idea how nervous I am right now that I will be seen on TV for 30 minutes here in Sweden on December 8 at 9:30pm plus there will be replays for the month of December.  I have never been comfortable when it comes to TV appearances or even radio and print interviews way back in the Philippines.  Let me explain so you will not have a heart attack.  After reading this whole entry a pinch of my life you become a part hahahahahahaha.


I worked for 10 years in private firms like as Art Director of Advertising Agencies .... Radio programs.  I got tired and thought of serving my country, Philippines.  Before settling down here in Sweden, I was working for 3 Presidents in a row in the Philippines as Presidential Staff Officer for media and advocacy of the whole country under the Office of the President, Social Reform Council.  The very first President I served was President Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) and to this day no one can beat how great he handled the country.  When he decided that he will not run for the next election, it was President Joseph Estrada who took over as the next President.  I'd rather not talk about him coz there's nothing to say hahahahahahahahahaha - got my point?  He ruled the country for a short period (thank God!).  Together with my colleagues we decided to leave our positions coz we really cannot take his ways in handling the country - for short we were blacklisted hahahahahah coz we were not corrupt!  But the good thing is we resigned very early hehehehehehehehehehhe before they can even abuse us. 

I then started teaching Masteral Degree - Masters in Public Administration and Masters in Business Administration while at the same time I was busy accepting consultancy job in the field of Social Marketing and also I continued singing professionally under the care of Organisasyon Ng Pilipinong mang-aawit then during Sundays I teach 2 choirs .... until a new President won, President Gloria M. Arroyo (GMA), that I got a call of invitation.

Considering that I'm already 35, I begged not to accept any position that entails lots of traveling abroad and around the Philippines.  At that time I was already thinking of finding the right man and settle down hahahahahahahahahahahha.  And so, my last service to the government is at the Philippine Information Agency as Chief-of-Staff and that was the time I met Hans, my Swedish husband. 

Now that you know a little of my background professionally let me continue about the TV program ......

October 2010 : 
I got a call from a representative of Swedish embassy that they want me be interviewed for a documentary program.   Based on their records I am the only one credible to be interviewed and no other Filipino / Filipina living in Sweden who is suitable for the program.

I said NO to their flattering offer.  Why?  I avoid gossips and I know how some Filipinos think - they get jealous to death!!!!!

Series of calls everyday begging me to say Yes.  After much encouragement from my family here and close friends in the Philippines plus colleagues in the government, I said yes.

Shooting and pictorial were done 1 whole day here at our home.


A well known journalist, Jonas Magnusson has a TV documentary show called "Världens Konfliker", in english it means "World's Conflicts".  This show won the Diamond Award for the whole Europe.  I will be sharing to the whole world the Philippine government :  The Marcos regime, Peaceful Revolution (EDSA), and the President's I served.

They also took footage of me cooking Filipino food, lunch with my family, and of course when I was crafting using my cricut.

I really have no idea how it will come out coz I'm suppose to receive a DVD before it's being shown but I was informed that the DVD will be delivered after the first showing :(

I'm not telegenic so that gives me more creeps hahahahahhahahahahaha.


Världens Konflikter
08 December 2010

Replays:  09 December and 12 December


♥ ♥ ♥ Cold Porcelain by Erika Alvarado said...

wohooo!! Way to go!
I am so happy you accepted this opportunity.
There is no reason to be nervous really. I am so happy for you, who knows what else this will bring! Hopefully we can see you on another accessible media like youtube or something like that later!! Congratulations


Hello there Erika! Would you believe I had stomach problems the whole day yesterday and 5 minutes before the show started on TV I vomited? That's how nervous I was! Will try to upload the show once I get a DVD copy =) Thanks Erika for dropping by leaving lots of love and kindness!

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