I Got My Own Column at TDS Lifetyle =)

Hello everyone!

After so many months of waiting I was finally informed yesterday that my very first article for my own column entitled "Kitchen Crafts" has been published.  I was invited by Alice Kho, the owner, to start my ow column for TDS Lifetsyle.  We talked about it through many email exchanges and finally it's now a reality.

What to expect from my column "kitchen Crafts"?  Oh definitely some recipes and creations using items found in my kitchen.  I say my kitchen because I don't know what's on your kitchen hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahha.  You will get to learn some alternatives, too.  I honestly say it's a column that is anything goes!

The 1st article you'll get to read was meant to be published last summer but TDS had a huge technical problem that if you will notice for several months I did not mention anything about TDS.  We are still fixing things but for the month of October ... and November TDS was able to deliver.

Going back to my article ...... come and see and read ... hihihihihihihihihihi
"Let's Play With Bubbles"


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