Mini Mailboxes

Christmas is over and I bet all of us are bloated with so much food and drinks during the celebration. I have been a constant visitor in our toilets haahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha, are you? Need to prepare my tummy for the coming New Year celebration =)

I still have food hang-over so my body is literally lazy but hubby went to work this day. Me? Oh I'm free from work until January 11 all because of Joseph. I did not sign him in at school for this holiday plus I really refuse to go and get him from school due to deadly weather here hehehehehhehehe. My body is not made for such freezing and freaking weather.

Anyway, I just want to share with you all what I made for all our staff this year. It has been 3 years now that we just give each one of them a shopping card. Here in Sweden, as part of Christmas gift law for staff, there is only a certain amount. Hubby and I would rather give them a shopping card so they can just buy what they want.

This project was completed 18 December of this year but due to the fact that Joseph and I got sick plus lots and lots of things to do here, I only get to post it this day.

The snow effect you see on each mailbox is actually made of a snow pen. Joseph enjoyed blasting each with a heat gun coz it puffs and it sure gives a snow effect. I have no idea if you can see it clearly and closely. Oh few of the cut images were done using
Winter Woodland Cricut Cartridge ... then some were ready made ornaments then used some stickles on it ... 2 mailboxes were accentuated with fabric poinsettia then on one mailbox I used my handmade scrunched flower. All side tags you see are acid-free and I was really glad to find those in a grocery store. As for the opening side, I used SU scallop puncher then stamped sentiments by slojd-detaljer then created pearls using pearl-maker.

The mailboxes were cut using
Love Struck Cricut Cartridge =)

Thanks for viewing!


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