Operation Desperation with Gypsy to Cricut

Hello everyone!  Long time no visibility for me hahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha.  That's life when you're back to working - less time for crafting unless necessary.  I'm still adjusting with my current state now but I believe very very soon I will be back on my toes.  For now, my creativity is ZERO especially my imagination.  I have tried sitting here in my craft room since this morning but all I got are too many blurry ideas and hoping of all hopes executing such ideas will manifest.

Hhhmmm, hubby says it's simply because my mind is everything about Joseph's 7th birthday party that all doors to my brain shuts-off until his party is over.  Can you imagine the long creative list that I have to tackle once his birthday is over?  Just looking at my list makes me sick .... wondering if I will be able to beat ALL the deadlines.

I have actually decided and told my hubby that I refuse to work starting the month of November and will be back in helping him in our business by January 2011.  So far, he has no clear answer yet hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha.  he was shocked and speechless when I seriously declared a new "presidential" directive at home hahahahahahhahaha.

Speaking of Joseph's 7th birthday party, all his invitations were mailed 4th of October.  I finished all the invites 26th of September but had the hard time to decide if we're gonna rent the whole Nikki's adventure land exclusive for Joseph's party or just have it the regular time which means parents will not be able to have quality time chatting together and it means also that we will get dizzy looking for our kids making sure no accidents will happen.  At the end, hubby and I decided to rent the whole place so no outsiders/uninvited will be able to get in.  Besides, it's his 7th birthday and it has been a tradition in my family to give the best when a child turns 1, 5, 7, 12, 16, 18, and 21. 

Going back to the invitations .....

I was so tired while I was making the invitations and naturally patience doesn't work best during such moments.  I have a lot of new cricut cartridges and one of them is Create a Critter.  The overlay pads together with the booklets will be arriving late so I have no choice but to use my Gypsy.  Duh!  Gypsy played tricks on me that I can't comprehend how to use it again.  See, that's the effect when body and mind are both exhausted but still trying the very best to beat a deadline.  So, what I did is I placed "Graphically Speaking" overlay but used a Create A Critter cartridge.  I just had to go to Cricut site and open their online booklet and from there I was in a way guided which buttons to press.  It took all my last effort to concentrate and accomplish what I wanted to die-cut.  After that I left my craft room and laid down to sleep.  Before falling asleep I laughed and laughed with the fruitful craziness I did.

     Look closely and you will see that the overlay and cartridge are not the same hehehehehehehehehe


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