Craft Mats et al ....Organized =)

Sharing with you all how I keep my craft mats.  When you say craft mats it's not only the cutting mat ... in my case.  I have to have easy access to the following:

Cutting Mat (Rubber)
Cutting Mat (Glass)
Cutting Mat (Magnetic)
Glue Mat
Piercing Mat
Embossing Mat (Foam type)
Cricut Mats

Then I have to have easy access also to the following:

Fiskars Cutting Tool
Envelop Maker
Shape Emboss by Fiskar
Scoring Board (Scor-Pal
Scoring Board (Martha Stewart

I have searched at internet for inspirations on how fellow crafters store crafting mats but I was unsuccessful.  Any site would just dwell on organizing and storing flowers, brads, cardstock, stamps, stamp pads, markers, punchers, spellbinders, etc, etc, etc.

For four years I kept my mats on a drawer but over the years I get to know other mats and each became essential to my crafting.

Once again while at IKEA, kitchen section, I saw an accordion type holder for casserole covers.  I bought one thinking it will hold all the mats and tools I mentioned above.

SUCCESS!!!!  (can you see me smiling from ear to ear?) heheheheheehehehe

May I know how you keep your mats?  I'm really curious =)

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