4 Birthdays in a Row

It's a nice feeling to be free from work once in a while and this day I'm free which means time for more crafting.....and so I thought.  The whole morning I have been searching for kiddie soldier costume for my son.  It's one of his request for his birthday.  After several hours of searching I was lucky to stumble upon an on-line store here in Sweden that offers the costume.  Good thing I took a break ...coffee time ... otherwise I could have placed an order from one store in US.  If i did, the mailing cost is even higher than the actual costume.  Now, I can sit back knowing that 2 days from now a package will arrive in which I don't have to pay tax not to forget a higher shipping cost plus they posted on their online store that it may take 28 days or more for the package to arrive since it's Halloween month and they have so many orders.  I'm so happy I found the Swedish store and I even bought a costume for myself.

With limited time I just assembled a set of birthday mini cards.  I remember several months ago I played with my Paper Lace Cricut Cartridge and cut several Happy Birthday.   Luckily I found it in one of the drawers but only 6 pieces left and one is broken :(  Anyway, I only need 4 pieces so it's fine because I have 4 friends celebrating their birthdays this month of October and it would be nice to add on their presents =)

Here are the mini cards =)

Thanks for dropping by =)

until then.........


Tinker Planet said...

I totally recognize that cut! It's from one of my favorite cartridges... Wonderful cards!

JEROSHA said...

Yes indeed =)

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