Happy Wishes

Haist!  I'm in a deep panic mode just right now.  Why?  The hired magician for my son's Halloween birthday party is out of reach.  He called me 2x last Sunday late afternoon and I was bedridden half of that day.  By the time I checked my mobile phone it was already past midnight.  In his message he said he is coming on the 29th for the party where in fact we had email conversation from time to time that the party is on the 30th.  Hurriedly I sent an email and posted a message on his website but still no response from him.  I called him this noon and it was an answering machine and so I left a messge.  Now .... still awaiting for any form of response!

It will be the last birthday party for my son coz the next time I throw a big celebration will be on his 13th or maybe 15th ... it depends on his teen life mode, right?  There will be around 40 guests and everyone is excited about a private magical show.

Oh God help us on this matter. I pray that the celebration will go as planned and as anticipated by the kids, Amen.

I know I should absorb positive thoughts and not let worries take place coz I might breakdown and so I tried my best to execute a sweet looking card overflowing with happy thoughts making Happy Wishes =)

I hope this one you will all like.

Now I will drink a cup of nice caffe mocha and sit on my massage chair after.  Once relaxed will go back to my craft room and double check everything needed for my son's Halloween birthday party ..... then take photos of few more Baptismal items I made for a client.

until then......


ails said...

Hi Jewels! I hope the magician contact you soon. Good luck with Joseph's party! :D

thecraftyladybug said...

Lovely card! I hope everything will be alright and advance happy birthday to your adorable son! More blessings to come.:)


Hi Ails =) Still trying my best to have happy thoughts .... it's a new day here and just checked my emails and no word from the magician. I will try to call him again when I'm at work. Pray mo rin ha? Thanks for coming here =)


Jas!!!!! So nice of you to come all the way here. Thanks for your sweet words. See you around =)

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