My Version of Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween is in the air!!!

For some reason squash/pumpkins here are very very expensive.  The price is just too much that I have to have an alternative of the famous jack-o-lantern.  The truth is Halloween is not being observed here so in effect it's not a big thing like some countries around the globe.  One can still buy decorations but not much really.  Oh yeah one more thing - I don't know how to carve pumpkins hehehehehehehehe but I know how to cook it with coconut milk and stringbeans with shrimps or meat =)

Anyway, as I have mentioned I need jack-o-kantern and I want one so badly as part of my Halloween Birthday party of my son, Joseph.  So here's what I did with the paper lanterns.  One can buy very cheap at IKEA or Rusta.  I bought mine at IKEA and they sell in different sizes.  I used decoupage technique with the paper lanterns .... you know sticking those orange silk paper then painted a face =) 

It's a big hit this day during the party =)

Thanks for dropping by!

until then......


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