A Dainty Card for a Kind Person

Back to work as what we usually say when Monday comes but that doesn't stop me from creating something this day no matter how simple it may be.  I received lots of rubber stamps a week ago and one of them is a cute Swedish flower called "påsklilja"by Reprint then I also have CTMH sets of unmounted rubber stamps which I bought 2 years ago (i think).  I really have lots of stamps that I haven't played with which is really bad of me.

Now going back to my card for the day.  Are you blessed with lots of kind-hearted friends?  I would say I am and with that I'm very thankful =)  With kind, sweet, and honest friends surrounding me it inspired me to create a card.  I believe this card will be part of my collection because I have no time to make tons to give to each one of them hehehehehehehe.

Thanks for viewing =)


Maryann said...

Hope I can leave comments here today.
Your card is so lovely, and it´s soo great to finally see you back to doing some crafts again sweetie. Hope you´re not too busy with work to do a little now and then, as I have really missed to see your work here.
Have a great day and take good care.

JEROSHA said...

Oh Sweetie - Thank you for dropping by! I miss you so much and I have been wondering why you haven't responded to all my messages :( Will keep in touch from time to time =)

Take care, too!

Tinker Planet said...

CAS is always nice :D

JEROSHA said...

I agree, Joan =)

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