Feels Like Spring But It's Autumn

I can't help but make another card this day while making dinner.  The weather this day until tomorrow is just like Spring.  For the past 2 weeks we have been experiencing frost, gloomy, windy, and cold weather that bites.  We have played a lot this day outside and hubby decided to take a motorcycle ride an hour after he went to the gym.  I have been smiling the whole day and breathing fresh air outside with a simple thin jacket.  What a lovely weather!  The sun is shining high and bright which I believe will last until tomorrow.  Oh well, this is Sweden and we don't fully trust weather forecasts so we simply live day to day.

With such a lovely weather I made a simple card (as always) which depicts spring feeling this day =)

I hope you'll like it and will somehow bring a smile on your face.  Bringing sunshine to you all the way from Sweden =)

The cardstock is just a left-over when I made my Book for Ideas so I really don't have an idea which brand it is.  The flowers I bought from our Thailand trip last 2009 =)

Thanks for the visit!

until then ....


Maryann said...

I´ve justt been throug your last cards here and they´re just awesome sweetie. I love the shirtcard, you made but also this one here today is cool and so happy colors used on it. I love the glittery effect on it. Wonderful work hun.

Tinker Planet said...

Beautiful colors! I remember you blogging about these flowers you bought from Thailand, right?

JEROSHA said...

yes Joan =) I believe I gave you a pack of assorted ones one Christmas.

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