Argyle Love

It's a lazy Sunday for me ... as always.

I always wake up very late which means nearly lunch time.  Yeah I know wasted hours for crafting but no matter what I do even if I try to get up early I always end up going back to bed.

I love Sundays.  A day were-in all of us are just too lazy to do anything except to watch films or some laundry or just stay in respective favorite corners.  I think the clock ticks slow during Sundays.

Due to my laziness I created a very simple card.  See to believe.

All I did was just used a left-over cardstock .... then adhere a fabric flower in silver and black .... lastly added my paper rose which I made using the Sizzix 3D Rose.

Although it's very very simple I believe it's so perfect for anniversary or everyday love from ages 35 above.  What do you think?

Well, back to the TV room and maybe there's a nice romantic or adventure film but I'm really hoping for a horror film =)

Thanks for viewing =)

until then......


franzesjoi said...

ang cutee ng flower ate!!! love the card!!!


Thanks so much iha for dropping by :-)

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