Baptismal Candles

How are you guys?  It's almost 8pm here and I have so many things to do particularly in updating my craft sites.  It's pay time for me :(  As I have checked it's been 5 months that I have not shared anything in the world of crafting and that's bad.  In my previous post I have mentioned that friends and relatives are wondering what I have been up to as far as crafting is concerned.  Who says being a wife and a mother is easy????  If this this is a paid career then we all would be earning to buy more and more crafting tools and materials hahahahahahahahahahha.  Speaking of buying, all these months I hoard and they're all stack-up in both my craft rooms waiting to be played.  I can actually hear each one of them calling for me.  And so I really promised myself to create anything each day no matter how simple it is.  First on my list is to use all my unused stamps side by side with my cricut cartridges.

Anyway enough of my blabberings .....

I did something cute for a darling and chubby baby for his baptism.  Once again I did stamping on candles.  The stamps I used are from Panduro Hobby, a Swedish brand.

And here are all the candles to be distributed to his Godparents as well as his parents =)

 If you haven't tried "stamping on candles" here's a tutorial for you, click here.

Christmas is around the corner and for 2 years now I sell stamped candles like hotcake.

Thanks for viewing =)


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