11th Christmas Card 2011

As of this writing I'm still waiting for a reply from the magician.  In Jesus name I believe and claim that he will be able to come and do magical things this Sunday and he was able to get my emails including all the details. Amen.

I'm kind'a tired and having back problems again but what else is new for me when Autumn and Winter hits.  Good thing I decided to get my son early this day from school .... he has tons of assignments due this Friday.  His assignment is also my assignment and I think that goes to all the mothers in the world.  I told him to rest for an hour before we take the plunge.  He asked me what am I gonna do while he is resting.  Naturally I told him that I will just post the card I made for this day then he smiled and said "som vanligt mamma" which means "as usual mamma".   Hmmmmm I think he wants me to stay beside him even for few minutes like what we usually do everytime he comes from school.  So, I'd better show you my card this day ......

Thanks for dropping by =)

until then......


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