Batman Half-Belt Halloween Tags

As of this day the 2nd give-away items for my son's Halloween birthday party are all done but I really have no idea how I will do the packaging of the items.  Since my mind is totally blank since last night, I just played with the Batman and the Bold Cricut Cartridge.  I decided to make some cuts ... the belt ... but afterwhich I cut each into half and make it Thank You tags.  Then I have a ghost acrylic stamp by Panduro and I find it so cute coz it looks like an adult and a child ghosts and it kind'a represented me and my son under a blanket all set for a halloween costume party.  After stamping all the images with CTMH white stamp pad, I took my gold pen and wrote "TACK!" a Swedish word which means Thanks.

Interested to see the first batch of Thank You cards I made for my son's party?  Click here or here =)  As I have said I am giving away 2 special give-away items for every kid during the party so don't be confused or wonder why I made another set of Thank you cards/tags shown above.

Oh well I'd better take a short walk to refresh my mind ...... ah I think I'll just lie down coz it's so cold and foggy outside..... then of course make my card for the day

Thanks for coming here =)

until then......


ails said...

It is sooo exciting to prepare for a party. I am already excited for Perry's 1st birthday party in July! :D

JEROSHA said...

Naku super exciting iyan ... planning, conceptualizing, and creating things for Perry's 1st bday party. In my case sometimes creating first ang nagyayari hahahahahahahahhahahahaha.

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