A Star Is Born (Smiley)

It's past 10pm here and I have all the time to create things until tomorrow evening.  I was cleaning one of my boxes here and found some very cute magnets - smiley faces and so I decided to make a simple packaging as part of my clients baptismal give-a-way.  Luckily I have more than 30 but she only needs 30 pieces so I made a matchbox case which is so easy that my son even did all the folding and stapling.  He didn't like punching circles so I did it instead.

The stamp sentiment "A Star is Born" is by Stampin Up (Hostess Pcture This)

until then......


ails said...

Ang bait ni Joseph! :D You are so blessed Jewels! :D


Ay naku Ails, I can truly say that God gave me a very kind-hearted, respectful, caring, honest,smart, peace loving and funny son. There are moments that I have to teach him to be "mean" hahahahahahhaha. The world is an open jungle and I want him to be ready. Minsan di ko na alam kung ano ang tama or mali. Nice of you to drop by here =) Thanks dear!

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