Friends Are Forever ... Indeed

Good evening everyone! For the past few days I have been laughing and laughing reading all messages at my Facebook.  It's an awesome feeling getting in touch once again to friends from way back then .... decades and decades ago.  Highschool years were the best years of my life!!!!  I had lots and lots and lots of memories and all those memories boils down to laughter.  Now that we were able to see, talk, chat, laugh, cry each other again thru FB it was like no decades passed by .... it was just like continuing were we left behind.  I just told them that I have to create a card for the day and will be back in which I know they're waiting.

With long lost friends found here's my card for the day =)

Thanks so much for viewing!

until then......


Tinker Planet said...

Very nice... and the ladybug made me smile :)


Thanks Joan for coming here =)

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