The Time of the Year I Fear Most - Mammography :(

The day started out just fine inspite of the wind that bites under 4 degrees C this day. 

Spending few hours with dear friends at Facebook ... laughing ... teasing ....thinking with each other.

Then came lunch and I ate Roast Beef with Rice and Onion Chili Sauce which was so hot that I had to scramble 2 eggs so I can finish my food ... and of course boiled broccoli on the side.  It was a hearty lunch indeed.

After lunch I went out and checked our postbox.  Haist!, I got a schedule for mammography this coming November :(  Eeeewwwww how I hate the process!

It was just last year when I had one and I believe it's once a year now and not every 2 years. 

Well, I can't avoid it coz it's for my own good, right?

Anyway, here's the card I made few minutes after I read my schedule for mammography :

When was the last time you had your mammography?

Thanks for the visit =)

until then.......
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