I Love to Shop

Yup, was not able to post anything yesterday here all because I had to work longer hours since one of our pretty staff was sick.  I hope she's better now.  Aside from working long hours, I spent my time shopping at Vaksalatorg.  Two times a year we have a "fair" down the city and it's just located in front of one of our stores.  They don't sell craft materials every fair but once in a while they do but not this time :(

Comparing the fair held last February, I would say the items this time are truly nice.  I mostly bought items for Joseph and as for my hubby, well, I was not able to buy the socks he like so much because they sell it in packs of different colors and the only color he wants is black :(  But I know I made him very happy when I gave him 1/2 kilo of nougat =)  I didn't buy much for me except for a winter blouse which I can't resist the price and also few Christmas paper napkins and Halloween cupcake holders which I intend to use for my son's Halloween birthday party this month.  And of course few packs of 3D stickers =)

Anyway, I stumbled upon a picture few minutes ago at http://subwaystar.blogg.se/2009/august/fototriss-kommunikation.html and I would like to share it with all of you so you have a peek of how it looks like down the fair.  I suggest you visit the http://subwaystar.blogg.se  because that site has so many great pictures. 

Now here's the card I made yesterday late night but had no strength to upload anymore coz my bed is calling me every second and my eyes are shutting off =)

Girls really love to shop!

For this card I used one of the 3D stickers I bought from the fair then embellished it with my 3D paper roses I made using the Sizzix die .... punched leaves and viola!

Once again THANKS for looking =)

until then.......


franzesjoi said...

hehe ang pretty ate!! mine na lang po heheh


Sure :-) i have ur address naman eh :-)

Maryann Laursen said...

WOUW I love this card here, and it´s definately some great stickers, you got there sweetie. I know a few, where this card would be most suitable for ha ha ha ha. Just love the colors too. Awesome work hun.

Tinker Planet said...

That girl is cute! It would be nice to have a stamp like that :D


We have the same thinking hihihihihihi.

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