Death Comes Unexpectedly

 A family friend died and we are all in shock ... no one believes because he is a healthy man and embraces life to the fullest ... but it's true.  He was one of the first Swedish people I have met when I first came to Sweden.  When I gave birth to my son almost 8 years ago, he gave me a beautiful cactus filled with pinkish/redish flowers.  He told me it blooms late October until end of November.  Year after year when November comes I truly admire the cactus and it brings a joyful feeling in my heart.  The truth is that it's the only plant surviving inside our home =)
  When I think of him it was in 2009 that we last exchange words.  He is crazy with elephants and he requested us to buy him cuties while we're in Thailand vacationing.  I wonder what will happen with his elephant collection?

So, for this day I created a card of sympathy.  My heart aches for his sister because they're very very close.  It is a very simple card ... easy to make and that's what I need for this day.

May the perpetual light shine upon him.

Thanks for looking =)

Have a great Sunday!


Tinker Planet said...

Wonderful use of colors, Jerosha! And I love that DP you used :)


Thanks Joan =) Left-overs lang.

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