Bus Eller Godis !!!

Happy Halloween everyone!  "Bus eller Godis" means trick or treat =)

We had few knocks at the door this night and luckily we have left-over candies from my son's Halloween birthday party last night.  I don't think more kids will come at this hour so Joseph grabbed the last pack of candy and I can hear him right now enjoying the candies while watching his fave kiddie show.

Nope!  I did not make any Halloween cards this day but managed to make few cards this afternoon after work.  Nothing intricate but I like what I made so I'm smiling =)

Good night everyone!

until then.....

14th to 18th Christmas Cards 2011

It was indeed a long month of October ... we had I think 5 Mondays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays, whew!  I really enjoyed this month coz I was given a chance to go back to crafting on a daily basis.  I made sure I find the time every single day - no matter how hectic my schedule is - to create a card.  I would like to thank Joan of Tinker Planet for inviting me to join her Blog Candy for the whole month of October.  I actually won 2 minor prizes already but I'm crossing all my fingers and toes to win the grand prize =)  Win or lose I truly enjoyed playing with her ... winning will just be a bonus =)  Her BC ends midnight of this day, Halloween, that's why I tried my best to make few cards this afternoon.  I don't know if I will still have the strength to create more this late evening but there is no harm in trying, right?

Here are the cards:

until then.....

13 Christmas Card 2011

The Halloween Birthday Party for my son this day was a huge success.

I love the fact that the parents came all in costumes ... ah I should say all came in witches =)

The kids were so adorable ... I couldn't identify who's who ... need to ask "who are you?".

Everyone had a great time and we all enjoyed the magical tricks of the Swedish magician Deo Delgado.  Too bad coz I have to prepare food so I was not able to watch the whole show which lasted for 1 hour.

Special thanks to a dear friend Lena and Hershey who helped me decorate the whole place ...kitchen works ... and cleaning part.

Now that I'm really a working zombie here in my craft room, I still managed to create a card for this day which again Christmas Card - simple one again.  I promised myself that I will create more intricate cards this coming month, November.  I just had to concentrate on my son's Halloween birthday party which by the way took me 1 month in the making - creating all decors and that includes invitations, thank you cards, and give-a-ways plus food =)

Here's the card I made.  I'd better post it now coz my eyes and brain are about to shut off .....

The gold band with Happy Christmas I bought in leeds, UK 
while the pearlescent fabric reindeer I bought in Thailand.  
I also used Stampin' Up Edge punch - Scallop Trim.

Thanks again for coming here.

until then......


My Version of Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween is in the air!!!

For some reason squash/pumpkins here are very very expensive.  The price is just too much that I have to have an alternative of the famous jack-o-lantern.  The truth is Halloween is not being observed here so in effect it's not a big thing like some countries around the globe.  One can still buy decorations but not much really.  Oh yeah one more thing - I don't know how to carve pumpkins hehehehehehehehe but I know how to cook it with coconut milk and stringbeans with shrimps or meat =)

Anyway, as I have mentioned I need jack-o-kantern and I want one so badly as part of my Halloween Birthday party of my son, Joseph.  So here's what I did with the paper lanterns.  One can buy very cheap at IKEA or Rusta.  I bought mine at IKEA and they sell in different sizes.  I used decoupage technique with the paper lanterns .... you know sticking those orange silk paper then painted a face =) 

It's a big hit this day during the party =)

Thanks for dropping by!

until then......

12th christmas Card 2011

As I've said in my previous blog that before I can watch a horror movie and relax I need to mae my card for the day.  Obviously this is a very quick card.  My mind is blank now .... slowly battery empty hahahahahaha.  So without more blabbering, here's my card =)

All materials by Panduro Hobby.

Good night and thanks for looking =)

until then....

Baptismal Banner for Rayner

This is a baptismal banner for baby Rayner which I made yesterday evening.  Since I was so tired and sleepy I got to upload and post this project at my Cricut site, Cricut Escapade: Craftastic Journey and not here so i'm posting it here just now.

I played with Accent Essentials, Jasmine, and Cindy Loo Cartridges =)  The stamp image (watch) is just a freebie from a craft magazine I bought early this year and can't remember the name.  Yeah I know, I should really start documenting my stamps.

The layering details:

Cuts from Accent Essentials

Cuts from Jasmine

Cuts from Cindy Loo

So many projects done that I still need to upload but so little time for me :(  One thing I'm glad about is that I'm right on schedule as far as details for my son's Halloween birthday party tomorrow.  All I have to do now is pack all the things needed base on my checklist then have a goodnight sleep =)  Hhmmmm maybe I'll watch a horror movie first and eat my favorite chips, Doritos ... yummy!

Oh yeah now I remember, I have to make a card this day ... so gotta go!

Thanks for the visit.

until then.....


A Star Is Born (Smiley)

It's past 10pm here and I have all the time to create things until tomorrow evening.  I was cleaning one of my boxes here and found some very cute magnets - smiley faces and so I decided to make a simple packaging as part of my clients baptismal give-a-way.  Luckily I have more than 30 but she only needs 30 pieces so I made a matchbox case which is so easy that my son even did all the folding and stapling.  He didn't like punching circles so I did it instead.

The stamp sentiment "A Star is Born" is by Stampin Up (Hostess Pcture This)

until then......

Thinking of You .... I Wish You All the Best!

Eight years ago on this day I gave birth to a bouncing and healthy baby boy =)  He screamed so loud and high half-way out and hearing him scream made me feel at peace coz I know then that my baby is alive and no complications.  He had thick black hair and bluish eyes with an asian nose ... my nose hahahahahahahahjust perfect for such angelic face.

I will never forget the moment and feeling of holding my baby for the very first time .... he was contented lying on my chest...... then searching for my breasts hoping for milk.  I cried with joy and I saw the look of my husbands eyes - it was the dearest look I have ever seen.

Well, it has been eight years and since no one can stop time I just have to face the reality that my only child is growing fast.  I can't help but think of his future ... wondering what would it be for him ... will he fall in love with the right woman ... will that woman take care of him, love him, and adore him the way I do?  Will I have the opportunity  to see his children?  So many things to ponder but all I can do is wish him all the best in life and may God protect him in every step he makes.

To my dear son, I want you know that every second of the day you're not with me - I think of you.  And everytime I think of you I ask God that let no harm befall you.  There is a saying "There are 2 everlasting gifts we can give to our children:  one is roots and the other is wings".  You dad and I do everything we can to give you proper roots and I'm proud that you are growing up the way we wanted to be. In fact you are too perfect that other parents like you so much.   As for the wings my son, just the thought of it gives me shivers for I am not sure if I will be able to let go of you BUT I know someday you have to spread your wings and soar high ... so high that every day and every night I will wait for your return.  You know for a fact that we will always be here for you .... will help you in every way we can while we're still alive.

To my dear husband, what took you so long in finding me?  If we met earlier we could have a daughter, too (hahahahha).  Thank you for giving me a perfect son.  Thank you for loving and caring us unconditionally.  I truly thank God for choosing and blessing us together ... always and forever.

May God bless us with long healthy lives so we may be able to gather memories together ... hand in hand ... in victory and defeat ... in sorrow and in pain .... in success and failure. May all the memories we are building together be  shared from generation to generation.  Amen.

Happy Happy Birthday my dearest son!

until then......

Kärlek (Love)

First and foremost I'm happy to say that the magician for my son's birthday called yesterday evening and confirmed that he is coming on the day of the party.  Yipee!!!!  Since Monday I have been worried about the magician coz he got mixed-up with dates but as of last night all is clear.  Can you see me smiling?  Whew!  I have kept this situation from my hubby coz I don't want him to worry about it.  In my mind I'm already thinking of an alternative should the magician not show up but now all I can do is continue more projects and last minute lists of things to bring for the party. 

We decided not to hold the party here at home coz approximately 40 people will be coming and 75% are kids and the rest are parents.  We rented a big place just near our place ... a block away actually so I really have to make a list of  what to bring.  I wouldn't dare come running home just to get a hammer or a rope wearing my Halloween costume, right?  The good part is 2 parents will be helping me set up the decorations I made .... prepare food ... and of course the mini stage.  Which reminds me I still have to send emails to all the guests informing them to bring pillows were they can sit coz the magician will be performing for 1 hour and he suggested it's best for the kids to sit on the floor while parents sit on chairs.

Anyway, my card for this day is once again simple and applicable for love, anniversary, or friendship =)  I used MS deep edge punch - Daisy Chain" and Doily Lace Trim edger... added 2 pearl hearts  ... and stamped scripted kärlek (love) using white CTMH ink pad.

See you around =)

until then.......

11th Christmas Card 2011

As of this writing I'm still waiting for a reply from the magician.  In Jesus name I believe and claim that he will be able to come and do magical things this Sunday and he was able to get my emails including all the details. Amen.

I'm kind'a tired and having back problems again but what else is new for me when Autumn and Winter hits.  Good thing I decided to get my son early this day from school .... he has tons of assignments due this Friday.  His assignment is also my assignment and I think that goes to all the mothers in the world.  I told him to rest for an hour before we take the plunge.  He asked me what am I gonna do while he is resting.  Naturally I told him that I will just post the card I made for this day then he smiled and said "som vanligt mamma" which means "as usual mamma".   Hmmmmm I think he wants me to stay beside him even for few minutes like what we usually do everytime he comes from school.  So, I'd better show you my card this day ......

Thanks for dropping by =)

until then......

Happy Wishes

Haist!  I'm in a deep panic mode just right now.  Why?  The hired magician for my son's Halloween birthday party is out of reach.  He called me 2x last Sunday late afternoon and I was bedridden half of that day.  By the time I checked my mobile phone it was already past midnight.  In his message he said he is coming on the 29th for the party where in fact we had email conversation from time to time that the party is on the 30th.  Hurriedly I sent an email and posted a message on his website but still no response from him.  I called him this noon and it was an answering machine and so I left a messge.  Now .... still awaiting for any form of response!

It will be the last birthday party for my son coz the next time I throw a big celebration will be on his 13th or maybe 15th ... it depends on his teen life mode, right?  There will be around 40 guests and everyone is excited about a private magical show.

Oh God help us on this matter. I pray that the celebration will go as planned and as anticipated by the kids, Amen.

I know I should absorb positive thoughts and not let worries take place coz I might breakdown and so I tried my best to execute a sweet looking card overflowing with happy thoughts making Happy Wishes =)

I hope this one you will all like.

Now I will drink a cup of nice caffe mocha and sit on my massage chair after.  Once relaxed will go back to my craft room and double check everything needed for my son's Halloween birthday party ..... then take photos of few more Baptismal items I made for a client.

until then......

Batman Half-Belt Halloween Tags

As of this day the 2nd give-away items for my son's Halloween birthday party are all done but I really have no idea how I will do the packaging of the items.  Since my mind is totally blank since last night, I just played with the Batman and the Bold Cricut Cartridge.  I decided to make some cuts ... the belt ... but afterwhich I cut each into half and make it Thank You tags.  Then I have a ghost acrylic stamp by Panduro and I find it so cute coz it looks like an adult and a child ghosts and it kind'a represented me and my son under a blanket all set for a halloween costume party.  After stamping all the images with CTMH white stamp pad, I took my gold pen and wrote "TACK!" a Swedish word which means Thanks.

Interested to see the first batch of Thank You cards I made for my son's party?  Click here or here =)  As I have said I am giving away 2 special give-away items for every kid during the party so don't be confused or wonder why I made another set of Thank you cards/tags shown above.

Oh well I'd better take a short walk to refresh my mind ...... ah I think I'll just lie down coz it's so cold and foggy outside..... then of course make my card for the day

Thanks for coming here =)

until then......

10th Christmas Card 2011

Is it a Manic Monday this day?  I still have no idea coz the day just started.  Hoping that things would be manageable at work so it will somehow be stress-free day.  I miss our stores ... been at home simce Thursday but now my son is up and about again and naturally back to school.

I've accomplished few craft deadlines yesterday but since I will soon go to work I'll just share it with you guys later ... one at a time.  For now, I'm showing a quick Christmas card I made while my son was having breakfast this early morning.

It is very simple to make =O   I just did little distressing on the side using Spun Sugar then for the printed cardstock I used Arch Lattice edge punch by Martha Stewart.  Afterwhich I also distress the sides with Vintage Photo.  The stamp sentiment is by Panduro and the white puffy thing you see on top of the fabric poinsettia flower is done by using the Snow pen I discovered.  Easy, right?

Ok now I have to blow-dry my hair and get ready for work =)

Thanks for dropping by here.

until then.....

9th Christmas Card 2011

Before anything else I would like to buzz you guys that Fun and Mental Changes is giving away 4 awesome unmounted rubber stamps.  I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I will be the lucky winner coz I love the stamps so badly.  Go check out the blog for details.

Now let me show you my last card for the day.  The card was made with my son beside me which means it's his whole idea.  He has been bugging me to create one more card before we go to bed and so here it is :

We both like how it turned out =)

Thanks for the visit.

Bed is calling me once again ....

until then.......

8th Christmas Card 2011

Hello there1  How's your Sunday?  Mine is  just fine even with back pains.  I'm just totally bedridden this day :(  All my plans of doing crafty items were put on hold.  I had a good rest the whole afternoon while my son was having a bowling birthday party.  His friends were glad he was able to come and join them.  When hubby and son got back I was still sleeping and guess what my son did?

How sweet of him to do this project for one of my clients =)  Thanks also to my hubby who never forgot to take pictures =)  Now that all paper napkins are done then I can move to the next projects but would like to share with you all  my card for the day =)

Materials Used:

Grand Nestabilities
Snow Pen
Inkadinkado acryclic stamp
Crystals - Red
Poinsettia fabric flower
Cardstock by Panduro

Thanks for coming here =)

until then......

7th Christmas Card 2011

Very busy Saturday and I'm in panic mode now because all the necessary items for my son's Halloween birthday party aint fully done yet :(  How I wish I will be free the whole week this coming week so I may somehow breathe while finishing all the items. 

One thing I'm happy about it that my son is not sick anymore =)  He's definitely going back to school this Monday ... although he refuses heheheheheheehhehehehe.

For my relaxation mode I created a Christmas Card. 

Materials / Tools Used:

Sizzix 3D Flower Die
Pearl Maker - Silver
Spellbinders - Heart Circles
Stamp Image / Sentiment "God Jul " ( Merry Christmas) by Panduro

Ok now will have to continue with my other projects .....
Feel like creating one more card later .... will see about that =)

until then.........

Pearlized Clay Buttons with Texture

Project Made : March 10, 2011

Yup, this project has been completed months ago.  I did create several items in celebration of the National Craft Month (NCM) but I really had no time to sit and upload projects thus I was not able to join any BC.  Creating things even up to this day I do it on stolen moments.  Who says working moms life is easy?

As for my clay play, I received lots of clay moulders from a crafty friend in South America last Christmas 2010.  I really don't know which one to use first but just grabbed a few and started playing.  I love how it turned out but sad to say I have no time to color ALL the moulded clay .... maybe before the year ends will play some more but for now I would like to show you what I did with my air dry clay.

Thanks for watching!

until then......

Baptismal Sign : Blessed Day

I believe I can say that I was able to make a lot of things yesterday in line with a client's order for Baptismal Event.  I still have to finish few items but since my son is at home this day due to coughing like a seal I'm pretty sure I will be able to accomplish a lot of things once again this day.  yeah, but he has an appointment for haircut this afternoon plus we have to go to the grocery so maybe 2 hours will be lost for my crafting this day ... oh plus I have a heavy date with the laundry machine again this day.

I came across a set of pens which may use for those kind of pre-cut stickers.  I'm sorry I really forgot what it's called so maybe you can tell me hehehehehehehehehhehehe.  Forgetfulness is part of ageing hehehehehehe.  I kind'a had a hard time using it at first but will practice more.  I bought the set of pens on sale several months ago and it's time for me to use it, right?  There are so many items here in my craft room that needs to be used and abused but I just can't help but buy and buy and buy.  Maybe you know about this pen but it's my first time so bear with me.  I heard also that one can use any pens for CD/DVDs writing which with all honesty I bought a pack of that, too, plus the sharpie pens I bought in UK.

Here are the pens I'm talking about:  Papermania Pens

And here's the project I made using the silver pen from the set:

Materials Used:

Cricut Cartridges:  Stamping Solutions ("Blessed Day" cut to 5 1/2"),  New Arrival (Baby Head - cut to 7"), and Wall Decor & More for the hanging clothes.  The cross you see is an extra cut from Indie Art at 1 1/2".

Cake Doily sprayed with home-made mist using Ranger Distress Ink Refills.

Jumbo 3D eyes
Puff Pen for the mouth
Craft chalk for the cheeks
Stickles - Waterfall

Once again THANKS for dropping by!

until then....... 

Cake Toppers : Baptismal

Though it is not exactly necessary I just decided to make cake toppers for a baby's baptism.  Once again I used New Arrival Cricut Cartridge ... it's actually my very first cartridge which was bought 2008, I think.  I chose the sitting baby from the cartridge =)

The sitting babies were cut at 4"

Cutie Onesie : Baptismal Invitations

I know for a fact that a LOT of crafters already made this kind of cards and I don't mind becaues I have my own touch into it.  It took a lot of love and patience just to make all these cards for a cute, bouncy, sweet, adorable, and handsome baby.  I truly enjoyed making these cards and it did put a big smile on my face all the way through which I needed badly with this kind of weather we're having at this time of the year.

Materials Used:

Cricut Cartridges :  Indie Art (Crosses - 1 1/2"), Forever Young (Hangers - 4") and Stamping Solutions (Blessed Day - 1 1/2")

Onesie Pattern
Scallop Punch 1 1/4" by Stampin' Up
Blue glazed studs
Lace and ric rac ribbon by Creative Company
Pearl hearts by Panduro
Stitched Ribbon bought in Denmark when I visited a dear friend
Eyelash Yarn (Purple)
Oriental Weave from CB Asian Bundle
Tulle (Purple)
Stickles - silver and crystal

Thanks for the visit!

until then......
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