Life is Wonderful

No matter how difficult life is we are still blessed to see a new day which means we get another chance.  The sun is hiding here today meaning it's cold and grey but I still feel blessed coz I get to work with our kind-hearted staff at the stores.  I don't like to go the gym this day but I just have to be glad that I have the chance to keep myself fit and healthy.

Anyway, my mind is blank but I feel wonderful.  What about you?

See the inverted heart shaped edging?  That's a sticker I got from a dear friend in Denmark, Maryann =)  She gave few rolls and took the chance of using it for the very first time. 

Thanks again for the visit!

until then.......


Tinker Planet said...

Nice and clean... :D

JEROSHA said...

hahahahahahahahaha my powers ain't capable of making complicated and intricate cards =)

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