Handy Manny Birthday Banner =)

Remember the Handy Manny Birthday Invites I made for my nephew?  Well, what is a birthday party without the banner, right?  For me it is an essential item when creating for a kiddie a birthday party.  I made a long birthday banner that I believe it is just perfect to hang or adhere on the venue's wall.  I maximized the A4 size for each flag and I love how it turned out.  Package has already been sent and my nephew was so thrilled - that's what matters most to me.

Materials I Used:

I printed whatever Handy Manny images I can find which was free.
EK Success Robot Edge Punch
Glossy tape
Bubble wraps messed with colors
A roll of woodenfloor print from self-adhesive glossy book cover
Rainbow DP
Reprint Cardstock
Distress Ink Pad for the edges (Walnut Stain)
Cricut -  Phrases (banner flags) @ 6 1/4 inches;  Birthday Bash (font) @ 5 1/2 inches

Now it's time for me to go to work =)

Have a great week!

Happy Crafting =)


(Week 16) - Journal 52: Recycled Art

I just love, love, love to recycle and upcycle things.  Hubby says I'm a nightmare garbage woman hahahahahaha.  I really save items like pringles containers, perfume boxes, vitamin tubes, empty toilet paper rolls, etc., etc., etc.!  I even pick up items from streets or forests when I go out ... as long as it is clean (touchable) =D

Here's what the prompt says as seen at Journal 52 site :  "With Earth Day coming up next week, I thought it would be fun trying to see what we could make out of recycled materials or scraps of projects we already have.

For this week’s prompt, create something out of recycled or scrap materials you have just laying around the house. It can be anything – junk mail, newspaper, old books, old magazines, cereal boxes, past “Art Journal Fails” – the sky’s the limit!"
Ooohhhh after reading the prompt I was ssssssssssoooooooo excited.  Too much excitement that I can't decide what to do.  I have done a lot of recycling and upcycling projects which btw reminds me that I have to upload and post here at my craft site.  Anyway, yesterday when I had  a lunch date with hubby, we decided that we will go to Greece for 2 weeks this summer.  I really want to go back to Greece this time because I miss the clean and clear blue waters.  Spain is a big NO for me this year coz I got tired of it.  We then decided where to go to Greece and that gave me an inspiration for this prompt =)

Since RECYCLING is the theme of the prompt, I naturally used one of the acid-free papers I made with my son few summers ago.  If you are interested on how we did it then just click the photo =)


Other materials I used are inserts from items I bought at IKEA particularly the numbers and one of my empty perfume boxes. The mini triangles you see are extras I made from my previous journal page, Party Animals.  You might be wondering about the doily and that is a cut from Edge to Edge Cartridge which I mentioned on my previous blog post. As for the colorful yarn I found that on the street on my way home from work.  Yeah I did also use colorful stripes washi tape and of course my homemade Enamel Dots which I will soon show you the said project especially my lessons learned ... that's another story =D

Now, I have to check our prompt for this coming week.

until then....

Happy Crafting!


Diving Into Smash(ing)

I am so proud of myself that finally I took out one of my Smash journal and started playing with it.  It didn't come easy because all these years I have just been collecting different styles of Smash and I even made two handmade journals for smashing, remember?  First I made an everyday all year journal and then I made a Summer travel journal before we went to Marbella, Spain 2 years ago BUT they're still accumulating dusts which is really NOT GOOD!

Well, last Tuesday late afternoon, due to my fellow crafters in our FB Smash group, I received tons and tons of love, support and encouragement from them after I confessed that I haven't taken the courage to start Smash-ing.  And so, after reading all their messages and replied, I pulled out the Babay Smash book and decided to preserve all the memories we had with our very loving cute yorkshire terrier dog, Kasper.  I was able to play with the cover then the first page.  I have yet to print ALL his pictures so I will not be distracted with the flow in doing it.

Really, I thank my group friends because without them I will surely just continue collecting Smash journals.

I am so thrilled about this project as well as my hubby and son because all three of us will make this possible.  We have been writing memories lately but yeah we cry in-between.  We will even go through the chosen pictures and discuss and write telling the story behind every pix.

Have you been Smash-ing?  If not, take the plunge coz it really has no rules.  It's like art journaling - every page is beautiful =D

I have MORE books to play with it and determined that it will NOT remain a collection!

I wonder if soon new styles will be released.  So far, I haven't seen any :(

Happy Smash-ing!

Happy Crafting!


Playing with Long Forgotten Punchers

Eeeeewwwwww filled with dusts, so sad :(  Last 11 April, after reading one of the wishes of a fellow crafter in our RAK group, she mentioned that she wants cute embellishments.  As far as I know I already packed and sent the package but to date she hasn't received it yet.  Hopefully tomorrow or at least early next week she has it.

I know I'm a bad crafter coz I buy a LOT of tools and materials but it takes years before I think of using it.  It's a sickness that I'm doing my best to overcome BUt I know I'm not the only one, right?

Here are the cuties I punched and crossing my fingers she will appreciate the effort if not the items itself.

Looking at all my punchers, I noticed that ( aside from the accumulated dusts) my MS punchers ... most of them turned yellowish.  I hang all of it on a rod as well as my Stampin' UP and other brands but all my EK Success punchers are in a drawer.  I think I should keep them in one of my drawers.  Oh well, that's another story.

until then....


Killing Boredom with Cricut

I have so many things going on in my craft room most especially cleaning.  One thing I'm not happy about is after playing in my craft room I have to clean it but I don't do it immediately so I guess that's my mistake.  Nope my room is still a mess all because I played with my Cricut.  I got bored cleaning coz really it never ends!!!!

First I pulled a cartridge randomly and I got Create A Critter.  Browsing through the guide book I saw the camera and since I have pile of plain cardstock beside me since I was actually sorting and organizing my stash, I decided to make a book project.  Hhhmmm I don't have a clear idea yet on how to go about it but at least I have the pages ... for now =)

Here it is: (I cut it fit to page) so it's big hihihihihihi

Next I took again another cartridge without looking and I got Edge to Edge.  I browse through the guide book and found cute doilies.  I find doily #30 and cut each at 4" =)  It turned out really cute cuts but I think if I will cut it smaller I will be irritated and impatient in removing those bits and pieces.  Hhhhmmmm I wonder if Cricut Explore will make a clean and perfect cut on small sizes.  I'm itchy to buy the latest machine but will wait until late this year.  I'm still in the convincing myself process hehehehehehehe.

Oh well that's it ... for now =)  So many projects that I have to upload but time does not permit!

Happy Crafting everyone!


(Week 15) - Journal 52: Party Animal(s)

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you all had a blessed Easter Week =)

Last week's prompt was about Party Animal(s) and I'm late in submitting since it was a week holiday for my son and had to spend time with him.  Before I go on any further let's check the prompt as written at Journal 52 -"For this week’s prompt, make a page about your favorite animal…party hat optional. :) It can be a pet, an animal at the zoo, or even a completely made-up creature."

Well, here's what I made for the said prompt:

The painting paper was warping so I decided to scan it instead =)

Aside from animal stickers, here are all the materials I used:

The Story of my page:

Every year there is an annual Easter celebration and all the animals are invited coming from different areas.  Always as in always the snails arrive too late for the party :(  So, this year all the animals in one area decided they will accompany the snails rain or shine and thus it means they have to start the journey a month before just to make sure they will ALL arrive just in time.  The birds are cheering and giving the snails support while some animals walk a little ahead of them so they will be protected from evil mishaps. 

Oh well gotta go ... need to hang some laundry while the sun is shining so bright =)

Have a great week everyone and Happy Crafting!


2014 Easter Cards for All Our Hardworking Staff

Remember the eggs my son prepared yesterday?  Well here are the simple Easter cards that goes with it.  Finally at dawn I was able to finish all the cards but sad to say my son suffered :(  He couldn't sleep when I'm not beside him but the good thing is as of this writing he is still sleeping and a little bit of snoring.  I have to be extra careful when I go into his room so he will not wake up.  I'd rather he sleep more coz his bestfriends will be coming over right after lunch to play =)

Here are the cards:

 Here's a closer look.  I made 2 cards using masculine colors because we have male Opticians.

 I love the subtle effect of the stickles =)

The Cricut cartridges I used are the following:

1.  For the bunny base I used Elegant Edges and cut at 5" each.
2.  The phrase "Happy Easter" is from Phrases Cart cut at 1 1/2" each.

As for the round scallop, I used my 3" scallop punch.

Have a blessed Maundy Thursday!

I think I will go back to bed ... or better yet try to clean and organize my planet.


Easter Candies All Set!

I have no idea if there will be kids knocking on every door in our area for candies tomorrow, Maundy Thursday.  Year after year I just prepare some coz I learned my lesson well.  I used to prepare A LOT but some years no one came and in some years there were a lot all dressed in Swedish traditional Easter costumes =)  Well, my son would be happy to have all the goodies if no ones comes hehehehe.

One thing we are so sure of is that all our staff will be getting Easter eggs from us and my son worked hard for making sure everyone gets equal amount of goodies.  After he sorted and packed, I tied each with a ribbon.  The cards are still in the process so I guess this night will be a long one for me.  It's OK coz I get to play with my Cricut once again.

My son reminding me that HE WILL GET all the excess!

There he is packing the sorted goodies in eggs =)

The candies all set!!!  Oh the one with extra pack of candy is for our sweet staff who is allergic to eggs and milk.  I have one pack that she can enjoy coz I'm sure not all the candies inside the egg is good for her.  Now, the candies in plastics are for kids who might knock at our door tomorrow =)

Have a blessed Easter!



34 RAK packages =)

Before anything else I would like to congratulate one of the creative lady I have encountered in crafting world and that is no other than INKSTAINS =)  I believe as of this writing she already hit the 2.5million mark pageviews.  Awesome, right?   She is a very talented lady in all sorts of crafting and she is kind enough to pack some yummy goodies to one fellow crafter.  Go and visit her craft site and see how wonderful creations she has made all these years and it has loads of tutorial, too.  Plus, if you leave a comment you are entitled to the raffle =)  I tried my luck coz it looks like ANYBODY is welcome which means not only in U.S.A.  I always feel sad when yummy goodies are up for grabs BUT exclusive to US residents only but of course I understand how expensive mailing is.

Since we are talking about give-a-ways, I, myself was sssssssssssssooooooooooo busy yesterday checking the wishlist twice, pack, print address labels then adhering, sealing, and sending it out!  I belong to a RAK group at FB for Project Life and all members get to write their wishlist.  I know I have a lot of excess craft materials so I am fulfilling their wishes.  I have to do it in batches coz we are a LOT in the group.  I packed 34 packages and sent half of it this day and will send the other half by next week.  I had no choice but to divide it coz I have to hurry home since my son is alone and it was a llllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg queue at the postal office.

Hopefully they will be able to get their packages within 2 weeks or less =)

 Happy crafting everyone =)

Have a blessed Easter week!


Handy Manny Birthday Invitations: Tool Case

I miss my two nephews terribly :(  They're growing fast and for now we only get to chat mostly at ChatOn.  The last time I saw them was 2011, for my 2nd nephew's baptism.  They are so near yet so far.  They live in UK but to get there it costs almost 10,000 Sek for the three of us  :(  Going to Spain or Greece are way way cheaper.  I know there's a cheaper way which is via London then take the train or domestic flight but with a kid in tow and/or a husband well that's another scenario.

As an aunt who is addicted to paper crafting, I see to it that when they will celebrate their birthdays with a bang, it is I who creates all the party essentials just like in the case of my first nephew.  He is into Handy Many .... yeah kind'a crazy about it so naturally his party's theme is no other than..... yup, you guessed it right!

First batch I will show you is his party invitations =)

Every item is hand cut and images were from free Handy Manny images which I printed out on the exact sizes I will be needing.  Assorted stamps were used but the cutie ruler is from Technique Tuesday, the edge punch I used EK Success - Robot and of course a washi tape =)  Here it is:

 Here is a closer look of one card:

 What's in the pocket?

There you go!  Now, I will go to work =)

Have a great Easter Week and of course Happy Crafting!


(Week 14)- Journal 52 : Rain or Shine

Finally I had the strength and the mood to do the week's prompt.  I could have done it at the start of the week but we were mourning for the loss of our Kasper.  It's only now that we can talk about him without crying BUT we still sleep holding and smelling his favorite blanket =)

The week's prompt was "Rain or Shine" and here's the prompt as stated at Journal 52:

“You can’t make a rainbow without a little rain.” – Unknown
“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” – Pema Chödrön
For this week, make a weather related page in your journal. Think of your favorite season or type of weather. You can paint, draw, collage – whatever medium you choose!

When I got the prompt our home was raining with tears due to our mourning but we always know that  days or months from now everything will be better.  Tt will never be the same but slowly we will get used to living day by day without our dear Kasper.

As for the prompt, If you know me well then naturally the answer is SHINE!  I'm happy when the sun is shining and literally I cry a little when it rains because it just reminds me of me and my mom playing outside while my dad watches.  We would dance, laugh, and exchange splashes when it rains.  Good thing we had a high wall and gate hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.  It doesn't rain really hard here in Sweden and those soft rain just makes me sad reminding me of one of the happy memories of my childhood to single days.

Due to the fact that I was down and mourning when I got the prompt I just made a simple journal page.  I love the effect of stickles =)

 Goodnight everyone!


Polaroid Frames Cut from Cricut (RAK)

Good afternoon everyone!  It's a beautiful Sunday here in Sweden that I took a long walk 3x this day.  It would have been perfect if our dog Kasper is still alive.  This kind of weather he loves and would literally drag me for long walks.

Anyway, I still played with my Cricut today and once again made use of scraps and yes, I played with Small Tlak Frames & Tags Cratridge.  I just LOVE the cartridge coz everything is in it and perfect for Project Life pages.  Honestly, the reason why I am motivated to play with my Cricut lately is because I want to fulfill fellow crafters wishes.  Some of them don't have a machine and based on the wishlist they want particular cuts either from Cricut or Silhouette.  Going through the wishlist, luckily I have the carts to make some cuts =)

My project this day is just to cut some polaroid frames.  I did cut ALL the available said frames and will be packing it for mailing.  Here are the frames:

 Oh I even made some teeny weeny tags, too.  I had frustration when I cut these cuties so maybe I should buy the Cricut Explore so that small cuts are clean and crisp!

Here are the frames each laid down for easy viewing.  Something went wrong with the words but I did cut each of the same size.

Above frames were cut at 4" each

Now, the following frames were cut at 3 3/4" each:

I think I will be cutting more for my personal use =)  But now I have to cook dinner so no Cricut Play for an hour or so.

Happy Crafting =)


Mini Cameras from Small Talk Frames & Tags Cartridge

Last night while preparing dinner I played with my latest cart Small Talk Frames and Tags Cartridge.  My first cut was the camera.  I find it so cute and perfect for Project Life cards as an embellishment.  The cardstock I used are just leftovers so I had to cut it one by one instead of auto fill.  I made assorted colors and white to the size of 1 1/4" then added crystal stickles on the lens portion of each camera.  All in all I made 48 pieces.  It's a lot for a first batch so a portion will be given to someone lucky at a group for RAKers at FB.  But just in case you come across this blog and would love to have then just leave a comment and rest assured you will be included in the raffle =)

I will choose a winner on Saturday, tomorrow, 12 April 2014 at 10:15 a.m. (Sweden time)

The colorful ones =)

The white ones =)

See, I told you I only used scraps fro this play =)

And here's the set I'm gonna give as my RAK for this day =)  Oh yes, I'm including 3 washi tapes!

Ok now I really have to prepare for work.

Happy crafting!

My Give-a-way : A Set of Finger Stamps

I'm trying to find my new portable printer Canon Selphy CP810 which I bought mid-January this year but I just can't remember where I put it.  I have the tendency when I buy things either I just leave it in its plastic bag or remove from the bag and place it somewhere thinking "Oh I will check and try it later or tomorrow" until it's totally forgotten.  Yeah, it is a bad habit indeed coz I have tons of tools and materials that I haven't tried at all.

This is one example:

I bought this box filled with finger stamps in UK when I visited my brother 2011.  Each stamp is sealed so I opened one set and tried it out.  IT WORKS just fine!!!  What will I do with these?  Well, one set would be mine then 3 sets will be given to each teacher of my son then one set goes to my FB RAK Group then the last set is anyone who wants it will get it. 

How?  I will not force you to be my follower/friend here at blogspot.  It's your choice.  Just leave a message and by Sunday I will random pick one winner.  That's all you have to do =)

Here's a closer look of the images:

Happy Crafting =)

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