(Week 16) - Journal 52: Recycled Art

I just love, love, love to recycle and upcycle things.  Hubby says I'm a nightmare garbage woman hahahahahaha.  I really save items like pringles containers, perfume boxes, vitamin tubes, empty toilet paper rolls, etc., etc., etc.!  I even pick up items from streets or forests when I go out ... as long as it is clean (touchable) =D

Here's what the prompt says as seen at Journal 52 site :  "With Earth Day coming up next week, I thought it would be fun trying to see what we could make out of recycled materials or scraps of projects we already have.

For this week’s prompt, create something out of recycled or scrap materials you have just laying around the house. It can be anything – junk mail, newspaper, old books, old magazines, cereal boxes, past “Art Journal Fails” – the sky’s the limit!"
Ooohhhh after reading the prompt I was ssssssssssoooooooo excited.  Too much excitement that I can't decide what to do.  I have done a lot of recycling and upcycling projects which btw reminds me that I have to upload and post here at my craft site.  Anyway, yesterday when I had  a lunch date with hubby, we decided that we will go to Greece for 2 weeks this summer.  I really want to go back to Greece this time because I miss the clean and clear blue waters.  Spain is a big NO for me this year coz I got tired of it.  We then decided where to go to Greece and that gave me an inspiration for this prompt =)

Since RECYCLING is the theme of the prompt, I naturally used one of the acid-free papers I made with my son few summers ago.  If you are interested on how we did it then just click the photo =)


Other materials I used are inserts from items I bought at IKEA particularly the numbers and one of my empty perfume boxes. The mini triangles you see are extras I made from my previous journal page, Party Animals.  You might be wondering about the doily and that is a cut from Edge to Edge Cartridge which I mentioned on my previous blog post. As for the colorful yarn I found that on the street on my way home from work.  Yeah I did also use colorful stripes washi tape and of course my homemade Enamel Dots which I will soon show you the said project especially my lessons learned ... that's another story =D

Now, I have to check our prompt for this coming week.

until then....

Happy Crafting!


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