My Give-a-way : A Set of Finger Stamps

I'm trying to find my new portable printer Canon Selphy CP810 which I bought mid-January this year but I just can't remember where I put it.  I have the tendency when I buy things either I just leave it in its plastic bag or remove from the bag and place it somewhere thinking "Oh I will check and try it later or tomorrow" until it's totally forgotten.  Yeah, it is a bad habit indeed coz I have tons of tools and materials that I haven't tried at all.

This is one example:

I bought this box filled with finger stamps in UK when I visited my brother 2011.  Each stamp is sealed so I opened one set and tried it out.  IT WORKS just fine!!!  What will I do with these?  Well, one set would be mine then 3 sets will be given to each teacher of my son then one set goes to my FB RAK Group then the last set is anyone who wants it will get it. 

How?  I will not force you to be my follower/friend here at blogspot.  It's your choice.  Just leave a message and by Sunday I will random pick one winner.  That's all you have to do =)

Here's a closer look of the images:

Happy Crafting =)


Alyssa Leanne said...

I love these! I am a pre-K teacher and the kids LOVE getting stamps like this on EVERYTHING. Hands, feet, projects,.. lol! Very sweet RAK, thank you for offering it <3 <3 <3

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