Diving Into Smash(ing)

I am so proud of myself that finally I took out one of my Smash journal and started playing with it.  It didn't come easy because all these years I have just been collecting different styles of Smash and I even made two handmade journals for smashing, remember?  First I made an everyday all year journal and then I made a Summer travel journal before we went to Marbella, Spain 2 years ago BUT they're still accumulating dusts which is really NOT GOOD!

Well, last Tuesday late afternoon, due to my fellow crafters in our FB Smash group, I received tons and tons of love, support and encouragement from them after I confessed that I haven't taken the courage to start Smash-ing.  And so, after reading all their messages and replied, I pulled out the Babay Smash book and decided to preserve all the memories we had with our very loving cute yorkshire terrier dog, Kasper.  I was able to play with the cover then the first page.  I have yet to print ALL his pictures so I will not be distracted with the flow in doing it.

Really, I thank my group friends because without them I will surely just continue collecting Smash journals.

I am so thrilled about this project as well as my hubby and son because all three of us will make this possible.  We have been writing memories lately but yeah we cry in-between.  We will even go through the chosen pictures and discuss and write telling the story behind every pix.

Have you been Smash-ing?  If not, take the plunge coz it really has no rules.  It's like art journaling - every page is beautiful =D

I have MORE books to play with it and determined that it will NOT remain a collection!

I wonder if soon new styles will be released.  So far, I haven't seen any :(

Happy Smash-ing!

Happy Crafting!


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