(Week 14)- Journal 52 : Rain or Shine

Finally I had the strength and the mood to do the week's prompt.  I could have done it at the start of the week but we were mourning for the loss of our Kasper.  It's only now that we can talk about him without crying BUT we still sleep holding and smelling his favorite blanket =)

The week's prompt was "Rain or Shine" and here's the prompt as stated at Journal 52:

“You can’t make a rainbow without a little rain.” – Unknown
“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” – Pema Chödrön
For this week, make a weather related page in your journal. Think of your favorite season or type of weather. You can paint, draw, collage – whatever medium you choose!

When I got the prompt our home was raining with tears due to our mourning but we always know that  days or months from now everything will be better.  Tt will never be the same but slowly we will get used to living day by day without our dear Kasper.

As for the prompt, If you know me well then naturally the answer is SHINE!  I'm happy when the sun is shining and literally I cry a little when it rains because it just reminds me of me and my mom playing outside while my dad watches.  We would dance, laugh, and exchange splashes when it rains.  Good thing we had a high wall and gate hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.  It doesn't rain really hard here in Sweden and those soft rain just makes me sad reminding me of one of the happy memories of my childhood to single days.

Due to the fact that I was down and mourning when I got the prompt I just made a simple journal page.  I love the effect of stickles =)

 Goodnight everyone!


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