Killing Boredom with Cricut

I have so many things going on in my craft room most especially cleaning.  One thing I'm not happy about is after playing in my craft room I have to clean it but I don't do it immediately so I guess that's my mistake.  Nope my room is still a mess all because I played with my Cricut.  I got bored cleaning coz really it never ends!!!!

First I pulled a cartridge randomly and I got Create A Critter.  Browsing through the guide book I saw the camera and since I have pile of plain cardstock beside me since I was actually sorting and organizing my stash, I decided to make a book project.  Hhhmmm I don't have a clear idea yet on how to go about it but at least I have the pages ... for now =)

Here it is: (I cut it fit to page) so it's big hihihihihihi

Next I took again another cartridge without looking and I got Edge to Edge.  I browse through the guide book and found cute doilies.  I find doily #30 and cut each at 4" =)  It turned out really cute cuts but I think if I will cut it smaller I will be irritated and impatient in removing those bits and pieces.  Hhhhmmmm I wonder if Cricut Explore will make a clean and perfect cut on small sizes.  I'm itchy to buy the latest machine but will wait until late this year.  I'm still in the convincing myself process hehehehehehehe.

Oh well that's it ... for now =)  So many projects that I have to upload but time does not permit!

Happy Crafting everyone!


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