Easter Candies All Set!

I have no idea if there will be kids knocking on every door in our area for candies tomorrow, Maundy Thursday.  Year after year I just prepare some coz I learned my lesson well.  I used to prepare A LOT but some years no one came and in some years there were a lot all dressed in Swedish traditional Easter costumes =)  Well, my son would be happy to have all the goodies if no ones comes hehehehe.

One thing we are so sure of is that all our staff will be getting Easter eggs from us and my son worked hard for making sure everyone gets equal amount of goodies.  After he sorted and packed, I tied each with a ribbon.  The cards are still in the process so I guess this night will be a long one for me.  It's OK coz I get to play with my Cricut once again.

My son reminding me that HE WILL GET all the excess!

There he is packing the sorted goodies in eggs =)

The candies all set!!!  Oh the one with extra pack of candy is for our sweet staff who is allergic to eggs and milk.  I have one pack that she can enjoy coz I'm sure not all the candies inside the egg is good for her.  Now, the candies in plastics are for kids who might knock at our door tomorrow =)

Have a blessed Easter!



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