(Week 13) - Journal 52 : How Does Your Garden Grow?

Are you asking me?  Are you sure?

Hubby and I were laughing tremendously when we read the prompt.  He has been teasing me about gardening.  We have a big front lawn and big back garden.  When we bought the house I was itchy to create an area where I can plant my own vegetables but it was put on-hold coz I gave birth and breast-fed my son for 3 years.  We actually tried planting and growing our own carrots but we got disappointed coz the carrots didn't grow to its normal size.

Our garden in some mysterious ways just grow beautiful flowers season after season.  I am so amazed that our roses can grow as big as a saucer - red and yellow.  We have a lot of typical Swedish flowers growing and flowers that give signs of a coming season.  We are now looking forward to the tulips in different colors.  Butterflies just love our garden during summer and they can come in batches, too.  I sometimes wonder why here in Sweden anything I plant it dies but back in the Philippines I really have a green thumb.  I guess when I gave birth to our son in a normal way, all my gardening powers came out with him hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahha.

Honestly, I feel very very sad whenever someone will give me a plants or flowers in a pot because it will surely die!  Hubby calls me a flower/plant murderer hahahhahahahhahaha.

Now, to ask me how does my garden grow, well it's simply wild and woolly!!!!!  Everything just grows and I just make sure once a year, ye only once a year that I remove unwanted grass so that the flowers can grow freely.  I really have no talent in creating an oasis garden BUT I really appreciate every flower that grows in our garden.  We also have trees:  green summer apple, red winter apple, plums, and cherries.  Our berry bush died a long time ago and in fact our cherry tree is dying and hubby and I can't save it at all but we'll see this summer if we get to harvest some cherries again.

Let's check out the prompt before I show you my journal page for the week.  It says that "

Week 13: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring seems to finally be arriving here in Pittsburgh, and we’re starting to think about one of my favorite things: flowers and gardening! Even though I don’t have much of a green thumb, there’s always much inspiration in gardens.

For this week’s prompt, create your own garden in your journal. It can be any type of garden (flowers, vegetables, rock gardens, etc. etc.) and you can either paint/draw or collage – make it realistic or abstract, whatever you’d like to do!"
Ok, for this week's prompt I played a LOT with my cricut.  I had to find a reason why I should buy the latest cricut machine :  Cricut Explore.  At this point I do feel that I need to buy the machine but how will I justify to hubby that I really need one when I haven't tried my Brother Scan N*Cut machine neither my Cricut Gypsy then my Silhouette Portrait I only played with it twice.  I think I will wait a little before I buy the machine.

During my cricut play for this journal page, I had a difficult time cutting the Tinkerbell Filigree in a smaller size.  Even when I cut it into 4" I was not at all satisfied (but still not enough reason for me to buy the Cricut explore hehehehehehe), maybe I should change the blade I really don't know ... yet.

Anyway, here's my journal page:

I opted to create the page using a card style =)

The Cricut Carts I used are:

Art Nouveau - the lady in yellow dress in 7"
Country Life - grass in 2,3, & 4 inches;  sunrise scene in 2";  apple tree in 3"; and "Wild & Wooly" phrase in 2"
Garden Soup - "Growing Garden" phrase in 3";  worm in 1 1/2"
Heritage - lamp post in 8"
Ornametal Iron 2 - the gate in 5 1/2"
Tinkerbell and Friends - tinkerbell in 3 3/4" (filigree)
plus lots of stickles and red crystal beads
double sided cardstock which I bought in a pack at Lidl years and years ago

Here's a closer look of the cover:

Closer look of the Inside Page:

Now, I have to conceptualize for the next prompt =)

Happy Sunday and Happy Crafting!

Thanks for dropping by =)


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