Welcoming Spring 2014 Hybrid Pleated Card + TUT

It has been 4 days now since our cute dog Kasper, a Yorkshire Terrier died peacefully.  He was 14 years, 3 months, and 10 days old but he was like a puppy to everyone who meets him.  Our house is empty without him and we still can't hold back the tears even if we justify the truth that it was really time for him to go.  I try to drown myself into exhaustion just so I will not feel the pain.  Most of the time I'm at my craft room playing with my cricut or cleaning or just create something.

Here's what I have made since last night:  A Spring Card.  Kasper loves the Spring season and if I close my eyes I can actually see him running around and enjoying the wind.  We would take long walks during this season.  Spring has started here in Sweden and although it is painful to embrace the season, I decided to create a happy Spring card.

The main cover of the card.  I adhered band, then the dragonfly brads and of course applied stickles, too.

The middle part of the card .  I applied stickles on all the flowers.  I used EK Success edge puncher for the grass effect.

 The Tutorial:

Print your choice of digital background and make pleats.

A closer look of the pleats.

Secure the folds/pleats with a double sided tape. I often use power tape when Im using heavy cardstock.

This is how it should look like.  You will have 3 hills and 2 valleys.  In the valley part that's where you will adhere your middle part of your card.  On the other valley that's where I adhered the grass effect using EK Success edge puncher.

Happy crafting everyone!


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