34 RAK packages =)

Before anything else I would like to congratulate one of the creative lady I have encountered in crafting world and that is no other than INKSTAINS =)  I believe as of this writing she already hit the 2.5million mark pageviews.  Awesome, right?   She is a very talented lady in all sorts of crafting and she is kind enough to pack some yummy goodies to one fellow crafter.  Go and visit her craft site and see how wonderful creations she has made all these years and it has loads of tutorial, too.  Plus, if you leave a comment you are entitled to the raffle =)  I tried my luck coz it looks like ANYBODY is welcome which means not only in U.S.A.  I always feel sad when yummy goodies are up for grabs BUT exclusive to US residents only but of course I understand how expensive mailing is.

Since we are talking about give-a-ways, I, myself was sssssssssssssooooooooooo busy yesterday checking the wishlist twice, pack, print address labels then adhering, sealing, and sending it out!  I belong to a RAK group at FB for Project Life and all members get to write their wishlist.  I know I have a lot of excess craft materials so I am fulfilling their wishes.  I have to do it in batches coz we are a LOT in the group.  I packed 34 packages and sent half of it this day and will send the other half by next week.  I had no choice but to divide it coz I have to hurry home since my son is alone and it was a llllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg queue at the postal office.

Hopefully they will be able to get their packages within 2 weeks or less =)

 Happy crafting everyone =)

Have a blessed Easter week!


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