Trial : Customizing My paper and Fabric Flowers

Sorry ladies but I'm just enjoying my home-made glimmer mist.  Obviously I'm in awe how successful it turned out to be that I 'm so eager to use it in many different ways.

Customizing my fabric and paper flowers was kind'a hard for me to push through with the idea coz I was worried that I will just waste time and money just in case I ruin the flowers.  Yeah, but what the heck!  In my mind if I ruined the flowers then I will just buy and try again or buy and never try again hahahahahahahahaha.

Luckily it turned out just fine and will customize more if the need arises.

Here are the Before and After flowers:

I.  These off-white paper flowers are from Kort & Godt Hobby AS and I bought it one scrapbook store here in Uppsala.  I just spritz some of my home-made glimmer mist and that's it.

II.  These flowers are from Panduro and it's made of fabric.  Although after spritzing my glimmer mist and let dry, the flowers already shimmers but I still dab stickles afterwards to give more glitz.

Just in case you want to make your own (home-made) glimmer mist, check out my tutorial at
Ok goodnight everyone!  This is my last hurrah for this beautiful Sunday and hopefully will be able to upload some things I make everyday.  I just have no time right now to create cards, stamping, digital or traditional scrapbooks, or albums or whatever coz I'm simply playing with the materials and tools I have.  Crossing my fingers that after this week regardless if I have work, I will be able to show you some real creations and not craft recipes or tutorials hahahahahahahahaha.

Thanks for joining me with my play since yesterday and leaving lots of love and kindness that truly made me feel that I'm still alive in this crazy world of crafting =)


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