Failed UTEE Pendant Project :(

For short my first try with UTEE is a failure coz I find it super ugly :(

Last night when I put Joseph to sleep in his room  I fell asleep, too, and woke up about 1.45a.m.  I was torn between uploading my creations that made me dirty the other day as I have mentioned in my blog entitled "I'm So Dirty"

Oh well, I opted to play with my UTEE for the very first time with Joan as my inspiration.  I so love her UTEE projects eversince.  I watched her video tutorial but I still failed :( sniff, sniff)

Armed with different silicone moulds for ice making, I played with the simple shape first like the round mould then for the heart shape I used a cookie cutter.  I know for a fact that nothing goes to waste with UTEE coz it can be re-melted again and again until you're satisfied.

I will definitely keep on trying until I get to learn the secrets behind making beautiful UTEE projects.

 Where I failed on this project?

Look closely and you will see that some edges especially the inner part are not fine and even the pierced part :(  I wonder if I have to use a sand paper to smoothen these parts?)

Once again I will try and try. 
hhhmmm, will try again later after work =)

Ok gtg coz my work starts 11 am today =)


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