My Simple Technique in Making Accordion Flowers

This kind of flower has been popular or maybe still is ... hard to tell coz so many kinds of paper flower making is flooding the internet. While I was reading and viewing tutorials I find the procedure so tedious: measure then score and fold those hill valley hill valley thingy. If you're like me who has limited time in crafting nowadays you will really find it tiring.

Since my little boy, Joseph, says this kind of flower is so cute to the point that he even tried making coz the way he sees it one just have to fold and fold and fold hahahahahahahaha. He got frustrated coz it turned out not the way he wants it to be. I made one for him but after that I told him that I can't anymore coz I have to cook and I have no time to measure and score. He was sad of course and watched TV instead.

By the time you have read this entry of mine, he already took all the flowers and will give to her girlfriends in school. Duh????!!!!!

Anyway, if you are interested in making this kind of flower, I'm sharing with you my simple technique - avoiding the measure and scoring part hehehehehehe.

Just go over the pictures and you will find the step-by-step guide =)

 You may cut wider strips of paper but be aware that the wider the paper 
then the flowers will be bigger in diameter.

 Attach this to your base and add a brad or a button or a small chipboard =)

 If you will look closely you will see the stickles on every flower. Joseph did that and I find it great =)


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