Dyeing Plain "Sidebands"

Spools of ribbons here in Sweden are unbelievably expensive so when I go shopping anywhere in the world I would look for pretty spools of ribbons especially when I visit Philippines coz it's really cheap there.  One thing that frustrated me was when we went to Thailand .... rare to find ribbons.

My DMIL gave me packs of white cotton bands used for creating extensions when making curtains and the like. I was so happy and I knew exactly what to do with the bands.  A year ago I came across a tutorial on how to dye bands using glimmer mist well then of course I put the idea aside coz glimmer mists are just too expensive to buy here and to buy different fabric dye coloring is also expensive.   Since I'm so happy and content with my 2nd experiment in making my home-made glimmer mist, naturally I tried dyeing the bands this time.

If you haven't seen my latest home-made glimmer mist you may read it here at blogspot at
http://scrapbookingwithjerosha.blogspot.com/2010/09/another-way-to-make-home-made-glimmer.html or at
http://jerosha.multiply.com/photos/album/249/Another_Way_To_Make_Home-Made_Glimmer_Mist_  if you have multiply account.

It shimmers, too, but hard to see from the picture. maybe I will lightly dab stickles when I plan to use it in any of my creations =)

Here's how I did it :

This is the sideband I was talking about ... plain white in cotton and very very cheap to buy =)

1.  Spritz your branded or home-made glimmer mist ....

2.  Sqeesh and squeesh to evenly spread the color ....

3.  Let dry =)

 4.  If you want to achieve a "batik" effect then you just don't have to squeesh too much.

5.  You may also spritz different colors of mist to achieve a multi-color effect.


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