A Crimper and A Paper = Textured Leaves

Anywhere I look at internet I find all kinds of flower making so for this blog I would like to talk about leaves.

Thanks to my little boy who gave me this idea!

Joseph was playing with all my crimpers last night and he finds the teddy bear and hand paper crimpers really cute but one thing that caught my attention was when he started cutting his crimped papers into different shapes. Since the only paper crimper he can't use in my craft room is the normal crimper that produces lines - wellpapp effect, I took it and experimented on making leaves.

It's nice to make leaves from time to time coz making flowers is just overboard nowadays hahahahahahahahahaha.  Oh but trying to make paper flowers will not stop me and so excited to post my take on making flowers =)

This project is sssssssssssooooooooooo easy so let's start!

My paper crimper is small so I cut 2 inches x 6 inches of cardstock and folded it lengthwise.

Place your cardstock diagonally in your paper crimper and start crimping.

This is how it will look like after crimping your cardstock.   Now, cut shapes of folded leaves.

Open ..... and there you have your leaves =)


Thanni said...

Great idea - TFS! :)..I'll get my crimper and make some leaves - that's for sure :)


Oh thanks so much Thanni =)

franzesjoi said...

nice ate!!

JEROSHA said...

thanks iha :-) hope u can try it someday.

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