Salvaging Forgotten Materials

I bet you're like me - buying items we think we can use for crafting then totally forgotten.  I have a lot of materials that has been with me for years but never been touched or no idea on what else to do with it or simply forgotten and neglected.  Just like what DH has been telling me "make use of all your goodies both given and bought."  Here's more, he says that before I buy anything I should think and recall if I have already at my craft room and it may never be exactly the same but maybe I can create something of the same. 

Buying craft goodies is addicting and yes I know there are tools out there that if you buy it is just simply stupidity because i know I can make such with the materials that I have.  But having tools is faster when creating something, right?  Anyway, so much of blabbering .....

I have been reviewing and sorting what i have here at my craft room and I saw my bag of mini cabbage roses and a pack of my jumbo sequence.  I'm aware that the mini cabbage roses I haven't really used ... actually forgotten heheheheheheheheheh but the jumbo sequence I have used it few times 2 or 3 years ago.

Here's what I did when I combined both plus the nellie leaf punch:


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