Craft Tissue Paper = Scrunched Flowers

When I visited a dear friend/fellow crafter of mine in Denmark for 1 week, we were able to have crafting moments :  she taught me how to make scrunched flowers while I taught her how to alter office brads using glitters. You may find my latest batch of glittered brads at http://scrapbookingwithjerosha.blogspot.com/2010/09/glittery-brads.html.  I have mentioned also that the process of making her version of scrunched flowers is just too tedious for me to the point that my hands up to the wrist were in pain. I have mentioned to her that maybe if we spritz some water on each layer then the cardstock will be more softer.

You see the process was after cutting by hand or by cricut or punching the flower shapes, we have to crumple each cardstock real hard ofetn times we have to crumple again and again then peel off. Meaning one flower shaped cardstock is equals to 2 layers after peeling. There is another option in making it easier instead of crumbling the flower shaped cardstock - it is by using a paper crimper BUT the irony is that for 1 piece we have to use the crimper 10x. I didn't like the idea of using the crimper coz it will waste too much of my little time in crafting.

I have mentioned to my friend, Maryann, that I will find a way to make this process easier. And finally I found a way simply by using available tissue paper that I have here.

This is how I did it with no pain in my hands and wrists .... and the output is just the same but I would say my version is much fluffier which I like .......

The only craft tissue paper that I did not use is the white given to me by a dear fellow crafter, Joan, a year ago because white craft tissue paper is very hard to find here ... always out of stock. If only I can remember and find where I kept my printed tissue paper ............

Let me guide you on the process:

The materials I used:
craft tissue paper - plain colored coz I couldn't find my printed ones :(

scallop punch if you have but freehand cutting works nice, too. TIP: freehand cut a circle shape then use your decorative scissors for the edges.

piercing tool

Fold the tissue paper 3x about 3 inches wide

I used 9 pieces of punched scalloped for 1 flower

Pierced and secured with a brad

All the flowers ready to be scrunched

Crumple the flowers real good

Open each flower and begin scrunching layer by layer

When scrunched, gently open the flower gently until you get the look that you like.


Thanni said...

These are beautiful!..I've tried to make these flowers with cardstock, but wasn't too happy with the result. But I have to try your way with the craft tissue paper - seems way easier - and as you say the flowers get much more fluffy...so TFS :)


Hi Thanni! I just tried creating scrunched flowers using cardstock. I have posted the flowers a minute ago. I guess I will never ever make such flowers again coz it's so difficult to make. I'd rather use the craft tissue paper =D

Make handmade said...

So fun! thanks for sharing.

JEROSHA said...

Oh my what a surprise! Thanks for dropping by Ms. Make Handmade =)

franzesjoi said...

i will try this ate!! :)

JEROSHA said...

hello iha! Sorry it took ages before i can reply. We're not in sweden so i'm busy relaxing where the sun shines almost 24hours a day :-) can't wait to see your version :-)

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