Cardstock Scrunched Flowers

First and foremost I'm proud to tell you all that Joseph helped me make these flowers right after lunch this day hehehehehehehehehe.  He was actually wondering why I was punching scalloped circles many many many times plus all my left-over cardstocks were scattered on the floor.  Ah well he did asked for some left-overs which I don't mind giving it to him coz I'm tired looking at those prints already hehehehehehhhehehhehhehe.

The part were he diligently helped me was crumbling each scalloped circles while he was watching TV.  For small hands working very hard I knew all along that he will complain and yes he did ... but not really complain  - he was more on saying how difficult it is to crumple the cardstock.  I took a picture of him but he requested me  with pleading eyes not to post it coz he says he hasn't taken a bath yet (at that time).  Geez!  he's only 6 yrs old and he's conscious on how he looks hehehehehehehhehehehehe.  Hhhmmm, should I be worried as early as now? Huh!

Anyway, if you have read my tutorial on making scrunched flowers using craft tissue paper, then you are aware how easy and how manageable it is.  This time, I tried using left-over cardstocks in making scrunched flowers.

The look is not as fluffy as my tissue paper scrunched flowers but it does give another kind of effect.  For this project i just used scallop punch by Stampin' Up, brads, and stickles, plus of course stamp pads for edging.  Instead of 9 layers Ij ust used 4 layers of scalloped circles.  I think if I did use 9 for each flower, Joseph will definitely say NO in helping me hahahahahahahahahha.

I think I will not be making more of these cardstock scrunched flowers coz it's tiring for my hands hehehehehehhehe I'd settle for using craft tissue paper instead.

Here are the flowers ......

To see and compare these flowers to my craft tissue paper scrunched flowers simply click  


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