Glittery Brads

While in Denmark visiting a fellow crafter, I played with her ordinary office brads since she has big bottles of glitters.  Few have asked how i do such altering and so on today's post I will discuss how it's being done.


Plain office brads
Different colors of glitters
White strong glue
Small paint brush
Decoupage lack
Hard foam (to hold the brads during drying time)


1.  Dip a brad on your strong glue or pour a glue on the top of the brad.
2.  Sprinkle glitters and let dry for at least overnight.
3.  When it's dry, apply decoupage lack to make sure that glitters are really glued tight.
4.  Enjoy using your brad's!

Note:  Another way to color your brads is to use alcohol inks =)


Thanni said...

Those glitter-brads are so nice - have to try and make some too..thanks for showing and sharing :)


I hope you will really try it coz you will be happy when you see your own glittered brads and very affordable =) Can't wait to see your brads!


Thanni!!!! OMG, i didn't know you're in Aalborg Denmark :( I was in Denmark with my 7yr old son for a week at Aars but got off the plane at AAlborg. Had I known I could have visited you even for a short while. It would be nice to meet fellow crafters/friends. I met a dear fellow crfater for the first time at Aars and we atyed at her place - got a lot of crafting but most especially craft shopping. There will always be a next time =D

Debora said...

Que lindos que quedaron!!!!


Hi Deborah! Try it coz it's fun =)

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