Slide ...or Tap and Press with Ink Pads

As Joseph and I were discussing details about his 7th birthday this coming October 28, it made me realize that he really is a big boy now. Gone are the likings on cutie animals or spiderman so there goes my cute cartridges like create a critters, dinosaur tracks, mini monsters, superman, batman, etc. He likes his birthday theme to be POKEMON (!!!!)

After we have closed the deal that it will be a Pokemon party and that the venue will be at one of the playland here in Uppsala, I started imagining how his invitations would look like plus the give-a-ways. I have so many ideas going in my mind and trying to make a time schedule ... praying that I will be able to send out the invites as scheduled.

While I was just killing time in my craft room ... because Joseph is using my computer - coloring on-line any Pokemon characters hehehehehehehe, I decided to do something that I will share with you and it has something to do with ink pads. For this very simple tutorial I used ranger distress ink pads. I haven't tried using any other ink pads for this project coz I know that ranger distress pads stays wet for a long time.

Materials Needed:

Ranger Distress Ink Pads
Water Sprayer
Teflon mat (don't need to have the branded ones like Ranger/Tim holtz coz the one you use for baking works very well as substitute. In fact, I checked the branded ones and it's so thin as compared to the baking mat)

 Procedure 1

 Slide ink pads directly on your craft / teflon mat. Spray a little with water.

 Press your cardstock and lift.

Procedure 2
try to just tap and press without sliding the ink pads .... creating squares in effect.
Spray a little with water and press your cardstock.


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