29th Card for Christmas 2010

Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer

In the early twentieth century an ordinary department store worker added a new reindeer to Santa’s team. Robert L. May, an employee at Montgomery Ward, wrote a poem entitled “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in 1939. The store printed the poem and distributed it to children as a sales gimmick.

Written to appeal to children, the poem tells the story of a young reindeer who was rejected by his playmates for being different. The rejected youth, named Rudolph, had a large, shiny, red nose while all the other reindeers had small black noses. One very misty Christmas Eve, however, Santa discovers that the shiny red nose gives off
enough light to help him sail safely through the murky night skies. Once the other reindeer realize Rudolph’s nose is a valuable asset they befriend the once lonely youngster.


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